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Khairy M. Soliman, Ph.D.

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Professor, Molecular Genetics

Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences

ARC Room 141

Alabama A&M University

P. O. Box 1208
Normal, AL 35762

Phone: 256-372-4194

Fax:    256-372-8404


Degrees Earned 
Ph.D. 1975, Genetics, University of California, Davis

NRE 433/533 Introduction to  Molecular Genetics, NRE 433/533L  Introduction to  Molecular Genetics  Lab, NRE 763 Advanced Molecular Genetics, NRE 733 Advanced  Molecular Genetics Lab, NRE 431/531 Introduction to Plant Breeding, Bio 311 Principal of Genetics, Bio 311L Principal of Genetics.

Research Interests

Dr. Soliman research is focused on the application of recombinant DNA technology to Crop impotents with major utilizing genomics, proteomics approach. Furthermore, a great deal of emphasis is on stress tolerance and fiber improvement in cotton, one of the most important crops in the state of Alabama. I have currently two NSF funded projects both of which are part of two centers of excellence. The first project efforts are focused on stress tolerance of soybean to Aluminum stress. A comprehensive analysis of soybean genome has been made for Al tolerance. As a result potential genes for soybean Al tolerance were discovered

The second NSF funded project is CREST. Our main objective for this is focused on the genetic diversity and dynamics of oaks and pool breeding amphibians with the following objectives:


  1.     Determine the genetic variation existing within and among red oak species      using combination of polymorphic noncoding region of chloroplast DNA (cpDNA)

  2.     Detect variation in single nucleotide polymorphisms among individual and within individuals of oak species

  3.     Construct phylogenetic tree based on information obtained from objectives 1 and 2

  4.     Construct cDNA libraries from different tissues and species and use the results for gene, SSR  and SNP discoveries

  5.     Investigate the forest disturbance effect on population genetic makeup of vernal pool breeding amphibians