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Gamal Abdelrahim

Gamal Eden Abdelrahim, PhD, DVM.

Associate Professor

Department of Food & Animal Sciences

PO Box 1628

Normal, Alabama  35762

PHONE: (256) 372-4164

FAX: (256) 372-5432


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  • Ph.D., Animal Nutrition and Metabolism, Texas Tech University, May, 2000
  • M.S., Animal Science, Alabama A&M University, December, 1990
  • B.S., Veterinary Medicine, Assuit University, May 1985  



  • Development of dietary supplementations strategies that improve the use of grains and forages by dairy and beef cattle, and sheep/
  • Conducting grazing and supplementation studies for beef and dairy cattle and sheep, studies evaluating corn diets for small and large ruminants
  • Conducting research on the development of new feed products and feeding programs. This include conducting metabolism trials on feed intake, digestibility, and utilization of corn, soybean, dry distillers grain solubles (DDGS), sorghum, cotton seed, protein and minerals supplements associated with forage-based diets.
  • Development of supplements which provide key nutrients at critical times of the production cycle to improve reproduction, growth, lactation, and safety.
  • Development of practices to help optimize interactions between livestock production and environmental issues



  • FAS 311 Fundamentals of Dairy Science
  • FAS 355 Livestock Judging
  • FAS 420 Dairy Production & Management
  • FAS 492 Animal Science Capstone