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Food Science Program

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The BS Food Science program (with a concentration of 25 hours in Animal Sciences and minors in Chemistry, Animal Sciences, Nutrition and Business) is certified by the Institute of Food Technologists and prepares students for careers in quality assurance, food inspection, product development, as well as training them for medical or graduate school.

The Food Science MS and Ph.D. programs train students for careers in the food industry, government or academia in the areas of Food Engineering/Processing, Food Chemistry, Food Toxicology, Food Biotechnology, Nutritional /Food Biochemistry, Food Microbiology and Sensory Science.

The graduate and undergraduate degrees in Food Science are among the best in the nation as recognized with awards at the local, regional and national levels.  Faculty members serve on numerous industry, professional and governmental review boards.

Undergraduates are highly encouraged by motivated faculty to undertake internships and experiential learning opportunities.  Graduate students conduct research on the novel topics related to food safety and processing, product development and improving the quality and nutrition of food.

§    Undergraduate curriculum and course descriptions

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§        Food Science with Concentration in Animal Science