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Student Organizations

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Below are some of the ROTC student organizations at AAMU.


Pershing Rifles 

The National Society Of Pershing Rifles was established in 1894 by General Of The Armies John J. Pershing as an elite drill unit. The fraternity eventually spread and grew to universites world wide. Established on the campus of Alabama A&M University on March 13th, 1972 as the first and only drill based military fraternity in the country and has since grown with the rechartering of the organization on March 13th, 2010. The National Society Of Pershing Rifles serves as a brotherhood among cadets in the ROTC program and young men within an academic environment. This brotherhood spans far and wide with many schools who have the fraternity on their campus. Many great men have been a members of society, including: General Kipp E. Ward, President John F. Kennedy, James Earl Jones, And Colin Powell. The young men who take the journey to become Pershing rifleman become better men and establish bonds that last a lifetime.


Pershing Angels 

In 1964, a group of 30 ladies started a society at Morgan State College (now Morgan State University).  It was not until February 9, 1965, that they were recognized as what is now the ONLY national drill sorority, The National Society of Pershing Angels.  In doing so, these outstanding women became a part of CAPERS (Coed Affiliates of Pershing Rifles), organized at the University of Oklahoma in 1962 by the Kaydettes. The National Society of Pershing Angels (NSPA) operates as a drill, service, and social sorority whose primary goals are to foster a spirit of friendship, instruct its member in citizenship, patriotism, and to provide such programs, whether military, social, or service as may be beneficial to its members, the Armed Services, or the University.  The chapter must maintain a highly efficient drill company. NSPA is always growing! We are currently re-chartering deactivated units, establishing new ones, and making a difference in our communities.  For more information about NSPA please feel free to visit our website at (


Drill Team/Color Guard 

The drill team and color guard was established in order to train cadets in accordance with FM 22-5, which is the field manual for drill and ceremony in the army. With the skills and lessons learned from the program cadets are better prepared for their future as officers and leaders in their programs. Practice is held twice weekly and is purely cadet run with advisement and support from cadre. From freshman to seniors, all cadets are allowed to participate. The program also provides a color guard for various community activities that are needed from various outlets. From presenting the colors on the 50 yard line to presenting colors in front of a room of dignitaries, many opportunities for advancement in the program are established for being members of the team.


Ranger Team

The Alabama A&M university Bulldog battalion Ranger team is training to compete in the Ranger Challenge competition in Fort Benning, Georgia. Through interval training, cross-training, long-distance runs, and muscle-failure training they work hard to make sure they take home the gold. The cadet Rangers put forth their blood, sweat, and tears every day during the week to obtain this goal.

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