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ROTC Training

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Army ROTC is widely regarded as the best leadership course in the world. Army ROTC provides opportunities in officer training that is available to college students. Army ROTC is a Leadership Course that develops Leadership Skills needed to become successful as a student, cadet, army officer, and become successful in life. ROTC Training promotes Discipline, Teamwork, Motivation, Initiative, Resiliency and builds Confidence.


Physical Training - Builds Endurance Physical Health & Well being and Appearance, Team Work, Motivation, & Resiliency


Map Reading - Develops Technical Skills & Critical Thinking


Land Navigation - Builds Confidence, Critical Thinking Physical Endurance & helps Overcome Fear


Squad & Platoon Level Tactics - Improves Technical and Tactical Leadership Skills


Combat Water Skill Test (CWST) - Builds Confidence and Helps Overcome Fear


Cadet Professional Development Training: is also available to ROTC Cadets. Cadets participates in a wide variety of Summer Training Programs that builds their Professional Leadership Skills:



• Cultural Understanding and Language Proficiency Program: Korea, Germany, Costa Rica, etc.

• Operation Bold Leader: The Leader's Training Course

• Operation Warrior Forge: The Leader Development and Assessment Course

• CADET LEADERSHIP TRAINING Program: Allows cadets to Intern with Active Duty Units during the summer