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Students successfully enrolled into the Program of Psychology and Counseling must meet certain general degree requirements as an essential component of the graduate course of study.  These requirements include the Program of Study, Practicum, Comprehensive Examination, the Thesis option, Internship, and Application for Graduation.  Failure to complete these requirements can delay or prevent successful completion of the program.  Please explore the information below to grasp a better understanding of these requirements. 

Program of Study

Each graduate student is required to prepare a Program of Study in consultation with his or her major advisor, and submit it to the office of Graduate Studies during the first semester of admission to the program.  All changes in the planned degree program should be made prior to the student's application for graduation; the ONLY exception will be if a course is canceled after the student's application for graduation. Under no circumstances should a change in the Program of Study be requested for failing a required course. A sample Program of Study as well as instructions and course availability schedule is located to the right. 


The practicum experience is required in the following programs:  Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Rehabilitation Counseling, and School Counseling (Class A).  Practicum must be approved by your advisor to enrollment in the course.  In addition, all core classes must be completed before enrollment in practicum.  However, electives may be taken while enrolled in practicum.  Total course enrollment for the student enrolled in Practicum should not exceed 9 hours.  Students are required to complete a minimum of 100 clock hours with 40 of those hours consisting of direct client contact.  The practicum application packet should be completed and submitted to the main Psychology and Counseling office in Carver Complex North (CCN) 217 by 5:00 pm one semester prior to the semester in which you plan to enroll.  The application deadlines are as follows:  Fall Semester:  July 1; Spring Semester:  November 1; Summer Semester:  April 1.

In order to be a candidate for the practicum experience, students must possess the following:  successful completion of all core and specialty coursework, with the exception of electives; cumulative GPA of at least 3.0; a copy of the academic transcript; documentation of malpractice/liability insurance coverage policy; copy of a current resume; and a completed practicum application

For more information pertaining to the practicum experience, please refer to the Practicum application and/or your assigned academic advisor.

Comprehensive Examination

Students eligible to take the Comprehensive Examination must formally apply for the test on the prescribed form on the School of Graduate Studies website. Students who fail to apply in a timely manner will be prohibited from sitting for the Comprehensive Examination. If a student fails the Comprehensive Examination, at least one semester must intervene before the second examination is given. If the student fails this examination two times, referral will be made to a departmental committee, which will determine the appropriate action; this action should not eliminate the student from retaking the comprehensive examination for a third and final time. Comprehensive exams are designed to evaluate the candidate’s proficiency in the theory and practice in both the major and minor fields of the designated area of study. Before sitting for the Comprehensive Exam, students must: 

1.      Have Regular/Full admission status.
2.      Maintain a 3.00 or better GPA.
3.      Complete all required deficiency courses for the degree.
4.      Complete all required courses for the degree.
5.      Remove all I’s, except thesis grades.
6.      Remove all "D" and "F" grades.


All students seeking to take a comprehensive exam must be enrolled in a class or classes during the semester in which the student seeks to take the comprehensive exam. Comprehensive exam study guides will be issued are available to the right for your convenience. 

The passing score is 70 percent of the Specialty area and 70 percent of the Core area, but not less than the mean of the three most recent administrations (including current) of the test. Students must pass both areas. If one area is failed, the student must retake that area. A student can retake any failed area of the comprehensive examination only twice. A special request must be granted for a third attempt. The Graduate School notifies students of the results.