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STEM Day 2015

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Welcome to the information page for STEM Day 2015 @ AAMU.  On April 10th, 2015, we had over 120 student abstracts submitted and had a great number of students attend the Identity Theft presentation by Ms. Laura Perry from the Alabama Supercomputer Authority at the AAMU Health and Wellness Center.

A printable program is located at this link: 2015 STEM Day Program.pdf

Students competed in twelve different categories with judges from Aerojet Rocketdyne, NASA, Qualitest Pharmaceuticals, and others.  Below is a listing of the winners from STEM Day 2015.

​Abstract ​Last Name ​First Name
Category Class​ Abstract Category​ Place​
​4 ​McChard ​Darryl ​Undergraduate ​Computer Sci. & Math ​1st
​7 ​Henderson ​Kwasis Undergraduate Computer Sci. & Math ​2nd
​11 ​Hood ​Tarneshia Undergraduate Computer Sci. & Math ​3rd
​15 ​Cunningham Felton​ Undergraduate Computer Sci. & Math ​3rd
​17 ​Silpika Karampuri ​Graduate Computer Sci. & Math 1st
​20 ​Kirkland Brandon​ Graduate Computer Sci. & Math ​2nd
​28 ​Harper-Hernandez Shakeel ​Undergraduate Eng. Tech. & Elec. Eng. 1st
​31 ​LeBlanc Patrick​ ​Undergraduate Eng. Tech. & Elec. Eng. ​2nd
​32 ​Cunningham ​Felton ​Undergraduate Eng. Tech. & Elec. Eng. ​3rd
​37 ​Boykin ​Shanna ​Undergraduate ​Food & Animal Sci. ​1st
​46 ​Harris ​Breanna Undergraduate
Food & Animal Sci. 2nd
​36 ​Powell ​Alexis Undergraduate
Food & Animal Sci.
​Hester ​Fredreana Graduate
Food & Animal Sci. 1st
​49 ​Smith ​Lillian ​Graduate Food & Animal Sci. ​2nd
​57 ​Dudley ​Aaron ​Graduate Food & Animal Sci. ​3rd
​70 ​Brittney ​Christian ​Undergraduate ​Life Sci. & Biology ​1st
​71 ​Campbell ​Kaasha ​Graduate ​Life Sci. & Biology
​75 ​Majors ​Kyle ​Undergraduate ​Civil & Mech. Eng. ​1st
​76 ​McIntyre ​Keanna Undergraduate
Civil & Mech. Eng. 2nd
​86 ​Fowlkes Antionette
Undergraduate NRES
​85 ​Pruitt ​LaCellia Undergraduate ​NRES ​2nd
​97 ​Margenau Eric
​Graduate ​NRES 1st
​101 ​Nkurunungi Andrew
​NRES ​2nd
​98 ​Garrison ​Briana ​Graduate ​NRES ​3rd
​103 ​Borthwick Richard
Graduate ​NRES ​3rd
​113 ​Ford ​Willie ​Undergraduate ​Physics, Space Sci.
& Chemistry
​114 ​Boni Yannick
Physics, Space Sci.
& Chemistry



STEM Day is a great time to recognize our students and our sponsors.  If you desire to sponsor a session or wish to donate to this wonderful experience please contact the Chair of STEM Day 2015, Dr. Josh Herring, via email or phone ( or 256.372.4161).  We are already planning for STEM Day 2016 and would LOVE to have your support.