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Physical Education Course Descriptions

​HED 101 Personal and Community Health – 2 hrs. A course designed to broaden the candidate’s background regarding facts and the principles necessary in the solution of several health issues. This course surveys a number of problems affecting individual, family, and community health including infectious diseases and STD’s, First Aid, alcohol and drug abuse, consumer education, and nutrition. Prerequisite: None (Offered Fall, Spring and Summer)

HED 401 Substance Abuse & HIV/AIDS – 2 hrs. A survey of alcohol and other drugs (AOD), and HIV/AIDS facts. Information will be provided on the short-and long-term effects of AOD and HIV/AIDS on the body, incidences of AOD use/addiction and HIV/AIDS, and symptoms of AOD involvement and HIV/AIDS. Biological, social and behavioral factors affecting addiction and treatment of AOD and HIV/AIDS will be discussed. Resource information will be provided on community services for people who are addicted to AOD, and people with HIV/AIDS. Prerequisite: None (Offered Summer)

PED 101 Fitness for Life - 2 hrs. A course acquainting all age groups with cardiovascular fitness, facts and fallacies regarding exercise and health and a number of evaluation techniques as each of these relate to physical and total conditioning. Candidates will develop and participate in personal fitness programs. Prerequisite None: (Offered Fall, Spring and Summer.)

PED 107 Gymnastics & Rhythms - 2 hrs. A course designed to assist students with developing the skill necessary to teach rhythmic activities/dance and gymnastics. Performance and safety will also be objectives. The students will learn to organize materials and develop techniques that are essential to utilizing personal and general space. The student will develop coordination, self-expression, creativity and endurance. Various concepts associated with basic locomotions and nonlocomoter movements are examined and experienced in detail. Prerequisite: None (Offered Spring)

PED 109 Tennis - 2hrs. Methods, procedures, techniques, and safety. Terminology, scoring, and skill development will be included. (Offered Fall, Spring, and Summer)

PED 114 Aerobics/Weight Training - 2 hrs. This course is designed to introduce candidates to correct techniques and principles related to building personal fitness using weight training. Candidates will also study the effects of aerobic conditioning, techniques for measuring aerobic capacity, particpate in aerobic activities, and design a personal aerobic conditioning program. Prerequisites: None.


PED 131 Beginning Swimming/Aquatic Education - 2 hrs. Introduction beginning level swimming class. History, theory, and basic stroke mechanics will be covered, on both lectures and skill instruction sessions. (Offered Fall, Spring and Summer)

PED 133 Intermediate Swimming – 2 hrs. This course is designed to both educate the student on the theories and mechanics of swimming, while offering an emphasis in training. This course will be an introduction to swimming as a lifetime fitness activity. History, theory, and basic stroke mechanics will be covered, on both lectures ad skill instruction sessions. (Offered Fall, Spring and Summer)

PED 140 Golf for Business and Life – 2 hrs. Basic principles, rules, history, etiquette, terminology, skill development, safety hints, playing strategies and courtesies of the game. This course teaches students not only how to enjoy the game, but also how to use it as a business tool as well. Prerequisite None: (Offered Fall, Spring, and Summer) Fee Required

PED 202 Officiating – 2 hrs. Introduction to the art and professional requirements of officiating intramural and athletic contests. The traditional fall/spring sports of flag football, basketball, wrestling, volleyball, soccer, baseball, softball, T-ball, track and field, and tennis are activities covered in this course. A weekly schedule for developing the necessary skills required of each sport is included. Prerequisite None (Offered Spring, Summer and Fall)

PED 225 Individual, Dual, and Team Sports I – 2 hrs. Focus on the skill development, organizational strategies, instructional techniques and techniques for evaluating performance in a variety of individual, dual, and team sports. The activities covered in track and field, handball, and aerobics and weight training. (Offered Fall)

PED 226 Individual, Dual, and Team Sports II – 2 hrs. Focus on the skill development, organizational strategies, instructional techniques and techniques for evaluating performance in a variety of individual, dual, and team sports. The activities covered in this course are: volleyball, basketball, flag football, soccer, softball, pickle ball and field hockey. (Offered Spring)

PED 250 Foundations of HPER – 2 hrs. A course designed to assist students in developing a historical perspective of events and developments prior to and after 1885 in physical Education. The course includes the development of a personal philosophy of education and physical education through analysis of aims, goals and principles. (Offering Spring)

PED 301 Administration in PE/Athletics – 3 hrs. A course designed to assist students in developing an insight into the meaning and organizational skills required for organizing and administering programs of physical education and/or other related programs. This course provides a broad background regarding mechanical and muscular aspects of human motion. In addition, it provides a laboratory component to ensure a means for application and analysis. (Offered Fall)

PED 304 Anatomy & Kinesiology- 3 hrs. A course providing a broad background regarding mechanical and muscular aspects of human motion. In addition, the course provides the student with a laboratory component to ensure a means for application and analysis. The prerequisites for this course are BIO101, BIO101L, BIO 221, BIO 221L and HED 101. (Offered Spring)

PED 305 Methods and Materials in Elementary Physical Education -3 hrs. A course designed to prepare students to teach physical education to children in grades K-6. It will use a developmental approach and stress exploratory methods of teaching young children a variety of games, dance, gymnastics, and health-related fitness activities. Practicum required. Prerequisite: PED 225, PED 226. (Offered Fall)


PED 306 Materials and Methods in Secondary Physical Education-3 hrs. Development of skills necessary to teach secondary school physical education. The student will learn to organize materials and develop teaching techniques that are essential to the educational growth and development of each individual, through a guided program of physical activities. Practicum required. Prerequisites:PED 107, PED 109, PED 140, PED 225, PED 226. (Offered Spring)

PED 308 Prevention and Care/Treatment of Sports Injuries – 2 hrs. Fundamental concepts of kinesiology and physiology. A practical approach to physical conditioning, weight training and the care of injuries common to athletic contestants and physical activity participants are also included. As part of the course, the student will be involved in several planned activities for treating specific simulated injuries. Prerequisites: BIO 101 and BIO 101L. (Offered Fall)

PED 310 Advanced Strength and Conditioning – 3 hrs. Health-related fitness assessments, weight training techniques, plyometrics, aerobic training, nutrition, ergogenic aids, and flexibility training. (Offered Fall)

PED 312 Test and Measurement in HPER – 3 hrs. A study of the use of tests, measurements, and evaluation techniques for the formative and summative assessment of fitness development, skill development, cognitive learning, and affective behaviors in physical education and sports. Laboratory experiences and computerized assessment strategies will be included. Knowledge and use of Bloom’s Taxonomy are also expected. Prerequisite: None (Offered Fall)

PED 325 Emergency Response – 3 hrs Development of the knowledge and skills necessary to work as a first responder in an emergency to help sustain life, reduce pain, and minimize the consequences of injury or sudden illness until more advanced medical help can arrive. (Offered Spring)

PED 409 Exercise Physiology – 3 hrs. A course is providing the student with a broad background regarding the physiological effects of physical activity on the human body. The course also includes a laboratory component to ensure a means for application and analysis by the student Prerequisites: BIO 101, BIO 101L, and CHE 111, CHE 111L (Offered Fall)

PED 412 Motor Learning – 3 hrs. A study of neuromuscular development, perceptual motor skill development, and motor patterns which result in proficient movement in a variety of specific motor behaviors. The measurement, analysis, and evaluation of motor behavior will also be emphasized. Prerequisite: None (Offered Spring).

PED 420 Introduction to Research on Teaching in Physical Education – 3 hrs. A comprehensive based description of teaching research in Physical Education. This course brings to bear the important principles connected to teaching activity and movement in education. Its focus is on understanding and grasping the unique variables, which makes for effective and efficient teaching in the gym. (Offered Fall)

PED 422 Principles of Coaching/Intramurals – 3 hrs. A comprehensive approach to organizing and administering an intramural program. The course emphasizes the key elements of historical development, organizational structure, budgeting, and tournament designed seasonal activities. Also included is an intense study of the specific aspects of coaching as a person and as a professional, based on sound theories and practices pertaining to athletic performance, athletic management, and relationships which are necessary for successful coaching. (Offered Fall)

PED 427 Adaptive Physical Education – 3 hrs. An examination of the role of physical education in meeting the special needs, interest and abilities of students with various physical, social, mental, and emotional differences. Also provided is in-depth information regarding how to record medical histories, growth patterns, levels of motor learning, and designing individualized physical education programs. (Offered Fall)

PED 430 Exercise Testing and Prescription – 3 hrs. Application of exercise testing and prescription in an array of patient/client populations and development of proficiency in using testing equipment and evaluating results. (Offered Spring)

PED 445 Externship – 9 hrs. An opportunity for students to participate in the complex dynamics of an educational environment and at the same time prepare them for a multiplicity of careers in industrial recreation programs, and public and private recreation-related programs, including Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts, fitness centers, handicap centers, hospitals, YMCA’s, YWCA’s and other similarly related agencies. Prerequisite: None (Offered Fall, Spring, and Summer)

PED 450 Sport Management – 3 hrs. An overview of the fundamental principles of sport management programs combining theory and practice related to legal and ethical issues, marketing and organizational structure of recreational and sport related services and facilities. Also, the course provides insights as to the principal avenues of sport management careers, intercollegiate and professional sport, the sport and recreation industries, and the health and fitness industries. (Offered Spring)

PED 492 Professional Leadership in Physical Education – 3 hrs A course designed to help participants understand the history and philosophy of physical education programs, teaching concepts, leadership training programs, safety guidelines and resources needed as to the physical education profession. (Offered Spring)

PED 494 Practicum – 9 hrs Work and learning experiences outside the classroom at an approved fitness, recreation or wellness facility selected for the student. This program is designed to be a practical leadership experience and learning environment for competent, energetic students seeking to become managers and directors of sports and recreational facilities. (Offered Fall, Spring, and Summer)

PED 495 Directed Teaching and Seminar - 12 hrs. Fourteen weeks of full-time teaching under the immediate direction of supervising teachers in off-campus public schools. Upon return to the campus, students share their experiences, discuss problems, and develop new techniques in a professional seminar. Prerequisites: Senior classification; official admission to Teacher Education Program; minimum cumulative average of 2.50 “C” in all coursework completed, withno grade less than a “C” for professional courses; completion of all coursework in the program. (Offered Fall and Spring)