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Clinical Psychology

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​Clinical psychology is the area in psychology with a concentration in the research, diagnosis, evaluation, prevention and treatment of psychological disorders. Clinical psychologists conduct research, interviews and psychological tests to help clients resolve issues. Primarily, clinical psychologists work in health and mental health clinics, or in privately owned practices. Clinical psychology is the largest subgroup of psychology. Alabama A&M's clinical psychology program leads to the master's level practice and licensure by the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC).

PSY 502    Desc. & Infer Behavioral Statistics                                           
PSY 530    Individual & Family Therapy              
PSY 555    Personality Theory                                             
PSY 556    Group Dynamics
PSY 559    Counseling Techniques                      
PSY 561    Individual Testing                              
PSY 585    Research in Psychology                       
PSY 590    Personality Assessment                      
PSY 592    Professional Orientation/Issues         
PSY 597    Counseling Practicum                         
PSY 605    Psychopharmacology                         
PSY 610    Psychopathology                                  
PSY 622    Clinical Internship I                           
PSY 623    Clinical Internship II                   
Electives    6 Hours               

Comprehensive exam or thesis option

Total credit hours are 48 hours.

PLEASE NOTE: Each course is 3 credit hours. All required courses must be completed before any internship.