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Counseling Psychology

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​Counseling psychology is the area in psychology that focuses on promoting and improving personal well-being. Counseling psychologists help clients identify goals, make adjustments and overcome obstacles related to emotional, social, professional, educational, developmental, or health-related issues. Alabama A&M's program in Counseling meets all academic requirements for licensure by the Counseling Board to become a licensed professional counselor. Graduates are eligible to sit for the examination.

PSY 502    Desc. & Infer. Behavioral Statistics    
PSY 514    Adv. Developmental Psychology        
PSY 555    Personality Theory       
PSY 556    Group Dynamics
PSY 558    Use & Interpretation of Tests            
PSY 559    Counseling Techniques                       
PSY 560    Occupational Psychology                   
PSY 585    Research in Psychology                   
PSY 592    Professional Orientation/Issues        
PSY 595    Counseling Diverse Populations      
PSY 597    Counseling Practicum                        
PSY 620    Counseling Internship I                      
PSY 621    Counseling Internship II 

Electives    9 hours

Comprehensive exam or thesis option

Total credit hours are 48 hours.

PLEASE NOTE:  Each course is 3 credit hours. All required courses must be completed before any internship.