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School Psychometry

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​The program in School Psychometry prepares students for administering psychological services in the schools. These services include the conduction of psychoeducational assessment on students referred for special services. Additionally, students in this program receive training in counseling, psychological consultation, and behavioral intervention. This program leads to a certification in school psychometry.

SPE 501*   Intro. To Study of Excep. Children
PSY 502    Desc. & Infer. Behavioral Statistics    
PSY 514    Adv. Developmental Psychology
PSY 555    Personality Theory
PSY 558    Use & Interpretation of Tests
PSY 559    Counseling Techniques                      
PSY 561    Individual Testing                   
PSY 587    Cognitive Behavior Psychology                     
PSY 590    Personality Assessment                         
PSY 592    Professional Orient/Issues                         
PSY 618    Psychometry Internship

Comprehensive exam required 
Total credit hours are 30-33 hours.

Additional courses may be required if not completed in a previous master’s program. Applicants must have at least a baccalaureate-level educator certification and a master’s degree. Two years of satisfactory educational experience are required before psychometry certification.

PLEASE NOTE: Each course is 3 credit hours. All required courses must be completed before any internship.
*Required if not previously completed