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Psychology and Counseling

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      ​​​​The Psychology and Counseling Department at Alabama A&M University offers degree programs for undergraduate and graduate students. The psychology undergraduate program leads to a bachelor of arts degree. The graduate programs are offered in clinical psychology, counseling psychology, school psychometry, and school psychology.


Psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental processes. As modern psychology evolved in the 20th century and sought a more scientific base, the meaning of psychology became much more inclusive, but generally had some reference to the term behavior.


In a general sense, psychology includes exploration in social behavior and biological processes, experimental investigation of opinions and attitudes, as well as behavioral adjustment techniques of counseling and psychotherapy. This is apparent by the more than 50 divisions of psychology comprising the American Psychological Association. Therefore, some aspects of psychology are closely aligned with other behavioral disciplines such as sociology and political science, while others are closer aligned with biological sciences, including human physiology and genetics. Still, others are closer aligned with various areas of educational psychology, counseling and psychotherapy.


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