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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS)

​The mission of the BSCS degree program at Alabama A&M University is consistent with that of the University and the College of Engineering, Technology and Physical Sciences and is to provide quality education, research, and service to its constituents. The Computer Science curriculum at Alabama A & M University provides students with an in-depth background in both the hardware and software aspects of Computer Science. The program area of computer science also offers individual courses and minors to students in other disciplines.


Programs Offered

Bachelor of Science Degree​ ​ ​




​Computer Science


Computer Science

Objectives (BSCS)

  1. Students will work in careers in computing and associated technology fields.

  2. Students will practice their professional endeavors, communicating effectively, as team members, in leadership positions to the highest legal and ethical standards.

  3. Students will realize, mentor, and pursue a program of continuous educational improvement for the benefit of themselves and others in our dynamic and rapidly changing field.


The program focuses on the students acquiring the following learning outcomes as they progress through the program which help realize the above objectives 1-3.


  1. Students will demonstrate critical knowledge, techniques, and tools of the discipline
  2. Students will apply appropriate and emerging mathematics, computer science, and engineering technologies to solve problems
  3. Students will work as team members and with team leaders
  4. Students will have documented abilities for writing and presentation skills
  5. Students will apply one or more modern computer languages to problem solving
  6. Students will clearly express the basis for responsible and ethical behavior in their profession and recognize the need for it
  7. Students will be able to implement concepts in software engineering, operating systems, computer architecture, and algorithm analysis