Surveying Program

  1. Course/Subject: Surveying
  2. Purpose/Objective: To give an overview of surveying and how the knowledge of basic Algebra, Geometry and Trigonometry are necessary in the field of Civil Engineering.
  3. Course Summary: The course will cover the use of basic tools such as tapes, plumb bobs, and pacing along with demonstrations of state-of-the-art equipment such as Total Stations and GPS.
  4. Course Content:
    • Lecture on use of basic tools and application of Trigonometry and Geometry in Surveying
    • Demonstration of state-of-the art equipment
  5. Experiment:
    • Lay out Tennis court or Volleyball court with tapes and verify accuracy with Total Station
    • Estimate height of building using similar triangles & pacing; verify with Total Station.
  6. Competition
    • Chain Throwing Contest
    • Setting instrument over a point
    • Measure the height of a tree or building

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