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Welcome to the Office of Field Experiences & School Partnerships

The Office of Field Experiences & School Partnerships supports the teaching certification programs through the coordination and facilitation of diverse learning opportunities for pre-service candidates in a variety of school settings


Field Experiences Guides

1.   Undergraduate Field Experiences Guide

2.   Initial Graduate (Alternative Masters) Field Experiences Guide

3.   The AAMU Clinical Internship Guide Undergraduate and Initial Graduate (Alternative Masters)

Internship Information

Internship Training and Seminar Calendar - Spring 2015

Internship Training and Seminar Calendar - Fall 2015

Effective June 3, 2013

Internship applications (application) are submitted one semester prior to the intership semester.


Fall Internship Deadline - March 15 (of previous semester)

Spring Internship Deadline - September 15 (of previous semester)


Fall 2014 Notice of Deadlines and Requirements


Recent Field Experience Form


"Out-of-State and International Student Teaching Program - Facilitated Through The University of Northern Iowa"  Click here


Cluster School Information

Cluster Schools for Fall 2014-Spring 2015

Cluster Schools for Fall 2015-Spring 2016


Helpful Resources


     LiveText Resources

           For Faculty

           For Students







Early Field Experience Service Rubric

Early Field Experience School Board / PTA Rubric

Opening and Closing of the School Year Assessment Rubrics and Verification Forms

Rubric 1 Internship Professional Dispositions Assessment

Rubric 2 Internship Technology Assessment

Rubric 3 Internship Content Knowledge Assessment

Rubric 4 Internship Diversity Assessment

Rubric 5 Internship Student Learning Assessment

Rubric 6 Internship Professional and Pedagogical Knowledge

Rubric 7 Pedagogical Content Knowledge Assessment

Rubric 8 Midpoint Assessment Instrument - EDUCATE Alabama

Rubric 9 Assessment Instrument - AQTS Summative

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