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Physical Education

​The Program Area of Health and Physical Education provides course work and related activities leading to competencies in the areas of Health and Physical Education.

The objectives of the Physical Education Program are to prepare professionals who:


  • Demonstrate knowledge of the historical, philosophical, psychological  and sociological perspectives of physical education,

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the biological and other sciences required  to understand the human body and principles of human movement,

  • Demonstrate knowledge and show appreciation for wellness and  related aspects of physical fitness,

  • Demonstrate possession of the skills needed for the assessment,  development, and maintenance of cardiovascular and physical fitness  for a lifetime,

  • Possess the competencies needed to plan and teach activities for  motor skill development designed for multicultural and least  restrictive educational settings,

  • Possess the skills needed to teach a variety of motor skill activities,

  • Demonstrate ability to organize, implement, administer, and evaluate  the physical education program at all grade levels,

  • Demonstrate mastery of knowledge and skills needed for the  prevention and treatment of injuries,

  • Demonstrate knowledge of and the ability to apply techniques of  coaching and officiating, and

  • Demonstrate knowledge of current trends in physical education and  an awareness of the need to be informed.

  • Demonstrate research and technology modalities that will enable Health and Physical Education professionals to become critical thinkers contributing to the global society.

  • Require professional development via various professional organizations on the local, state and national level and render public service within the community.

  • Provide additional educational services to students who have limited access to education by means of elearning and other modes of technology.



The Program embraces sufficient scope in content and variety in activities to fully equip a prospective graduate with substantial educational orientation and activity skills to meet the demands of the profession. In this light, it desires to develop generally and, at the same time, lay a firm foundation for specialists in any areas which are included.





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