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Health Sciences, Human Performance, and Communicative Disorders

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      Health Sciences, Human Performance, and Communicative Disorders involves the biomechanical, historical, neuro-motor, pedagogical, philosophical, physiological, psychological, and socio-cultural perspectives of human behavior.  The department of health, human performance and communicative disorders focuses on human behavior and well-being.


The department of Human Performance provides instruction and educational opportunities relative to physical activity, exercise, communicative disorders and human movement.  The process of studying human health, disease, and disorders; provides service and outreach to the field of health, physical education and communication disorders.


The department of Health, Human Performance, and Communicative Disorders is an academic department of professionals who disseminate knowledge and technologies that focus on education.  Our major objective is to enhance and to educate students and teacher candidates, so as to prepare them for careers in teaching, health education, exercise science, sports management and in communicative disorders.


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Rodney Whittle



Nicky Cotto

CSD Secretary

P: 256.372.5541

F: 256.372.4055


LaDonna Long

HPE Secretary

P: 256.372.5376

F: 256.372.5374