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Civil Engineering - Undergraduate Program

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Civil Engineering Undergraduate Program Offerings

The Department offers a major leading to the Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (BSCE) and provides basic courses in all of the following areas: 

  • Structural Engineering

  • Geotechnical Engineering

  • Environmental Engineering and Water Resources

  • Transportation Engineering

  • Construction Engineering

In addition, advanced courses in the above areas are offered as electives. The program prepares its students for immediate entry into the engineering profession as well as into graduate studies.

The first two years of studies are primarily concentrated on the scientific and mathematical principles that form the basis of engineering practice. The last two years focus on the applications of these principles to engineering design and practice. Computer applications are integrated throughout the curriculum.


Civil Engineering Undergraduate Program Requirements

The Civil Engineering freshmen are required to report to the department office and interview with the department chairman immediately upon arrival on campus. Each student admitted to the program is assigned an advisor for the duration of the curriculum. The advisor will advise the student with proper course selection, planning, and other academic requirements. Each student will have an active file in the department office which includes the student's enrollment information, current standing and a copy of his or her Student Scholastic Record (SSR) form. The SSR should be updated each semester either during the period of academic advisement or pre-registration by the advisor. The advisor works with the students to keep track of their progress toward the degree. The prerequisites are required for approval of any advanced courses. Students are advised to earn a grade C or better in all prerequisites before proceeding to any advanced courses. Undergraduate degree candidates must earn grade C or better in all CE (Civil Engineering) and EGC (Engineering General Course) courses.


Civil Engineering Career Opportunities

Many professional careers in construction, transportation, structural, environmental, municipal, industrial and consulting engineering, as well as architecture, engineering management, military services and other diversified job opportunities are available for the civil engineering graduates.


Financial Aid Available

Financial aid is available through scholarships, assistantships, and campus jobs, funded through federal, state, industrial endowment and research projects.​




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