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Program Outcomes

​Students graduating with a B. S. degree in MET will have:
1.  Mastery of the knowledge, techniques, skills, and modern tools of practical applied mechanical engineering design. (ABET-TAC Program Outcome: a)
1.1. Understand forces.
1.2. Calculate stresses and strains.
1.3. Understand and use failure theories.
1.4. Combine mechanical components into subassemblies.
1.5. Design alternative systems.
1.6. Cost analysis


2.  The ability to conduct, analyze and interpret experiments and apply experimental results to improve processes. (ABET-TAC Program Outcome: c)
2.1. Conduct experiments.
2.2. Analyze experimental results.
2.3. Interpret experimental results.
2.4. Improve processes based on experimental results.


3.  The ability to communicate effectively in oral, written, visual, and graphical modes in both interpersonal and group environments. (ABET-TAC Program Outcome: g)
3.1  Produce effective written documents.
3.2  Deliver effective oral presentations.
3.3  Develop, prepare, and interpret effective visual and graphical information.


4.  The attitudes, abilities, and skills required to adapt to rapidly changing technologies and the ability to pursue life-long learning. (ABET-TAC Program Outcomes: b & h)
4.1  Effectively use information acquisition tools.
4.2  Effectively implement mechanical technology.
4.3  Express a commitment to quality, timeliness, and continuous improvement. (ABET-TAC Program Outcome: k)



5.  The ability to think critically, and to identify, analyze, and solve complex problems. (ABET-TAC Program Outcomes: b & f)

5.1.  Analyze, design, mechanical systems.
    5.1.1.  Analyze and design power systems.
    5.1.2.  Analyze and design manufacturing systems.
5.2.  Able to use Microsoft Excel and statistics.


6.  An understanding of all aspects of the design process and project management including functional and esthetic considerations.

6.1.  Understand and can apply the stages of the design process.
6.2.  Able to apply creativity in the design process and evaluate alternative design solutions. (ABET-TAC Program Outcome: d)
6.3.  Develop a project schedule


7.  A well-developed sense of ethics and the personal discipline to succeed in the MET profession. (ABET-TAC Program Outcome: i)
7.1.  Identify ethical and social issues associated with different courses of action.
7.2.  Be familiar with professional Codes of Ethics.


8.  A respect for diversity and knowledge of contemporary professional, societal and global issues. (ABET-TAC Program Outcome: j)
8.1.  Be aware of the international nature of large technical companies.
8.2.  Be aware of the value of diversity in contemporary society.
8.3.  Be aware of legal issues relating to harassment and discrimination.


9.  The skills and attitudes necessary to work successfully as a member of a team. (ABET-TAC Program Outcome: e)

9.1.  Students demonstrate effective teamwork skills.
9.2.  Students demonstrate an understanding of group dynamics and methodologies for accomplishing team goals.