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Dr. Mohammed Rezaul Karim

Ph.D. (Concordia University)

Professor of Mathematics
Office: VMC 238

Phone: (256) 372-4835 


Wavelet Analysis, Signal Processing, Image Processing, Numerical Analysis, Differential Equations, Optimization, Approximation Theory, Mathematical Physics, Mathematical Biology.

1. Karim, M. R., "The Relationships between  the Bernoulli Numbers B2m & ak and Euler Numbers E2m & bk, 
    Journal of Mathematical
Sciences & Computer  Applications 2(1): 108-117, 2014 

2. Karim, M. R., "Solutions of Higher-Degree Reduced Polynomial Equations by Using   Unipodal Numbers", 
    The Theoretical Mathematics &
Applications, vol. 2, no. 1, 13 - 21(2012).

3. Karim, M. R., “The Sums of Alternating Series of Odd Powers of the Reciprocals of Odd Positive Integers”,
   KBM Journal of Mathematical Sciences and Computer
Applications, 1(1): 14 - 22 (2010).

4. Karim, M. R., “Solutions of Pentagonal Equation under Certain Conditions”, KBM   Journal of Mathematical
    Sciences and Computer Applications,  1(2), 33 - 39 (2010).

5. Karim, M. R., Leisher, D., and Liu, C., “Precalculus Algebra: Original Purpose – Its Relevancy to Students’
    Needs – and Some Suggestions”, KBM Journal of Science
Education, 1 (2), 19 - 23 (2010).

Three of our proposals have been funded by the National Science Foundation. In all of them, I was a co-PrincipaI Investigator.
1. Proposal Number: 0928904
    Proposal Title: Strategic Plan to Enhance STEM Education and Research at AAMU
    Total Funding: $2,163,679.00 for five years (current).
2. Proposal Number: 0265155
    Proposal Title: Strategic Plan for Enhancement, Expansion and Development of Undergraduate Programs
    (SPEED – UP)

    Total Funding: $2,100,000.00 for five years (ended in August 2011)

3. Proposal Number: 0552678
    Proposal Title: REU-Site at Alabama A&M University
    Total Funding: $165,000.00 for three years (ended in summer 2009)