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Dr. Salam Md. Mahbubush Khan

Assistant Professor

Department of Mathematics                              
Phone:   (256)372-4838

 Ph.D  in Applied Mathematics, University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo, Japan, September 2006.
 M.Sc. in Applied Statistics, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, February 2001.
 B.Sc. in Applied Statistics, University of Dhaka Bangladesh, July 1999.

Area(s) of expertise:

Mathematical Statistics, Applied Statistics, Applied Mathematics,Complex System Modeling and Mathematical Sociology.

Research area(s):  

•    Mathematical Modeling,
•    Probability Theory,
•    Approximation Theory,
•    Complex System Modeling ( It’s an interdisciplinary research area, looking at collective behavior and
      emergent  properties in a wide range of real- world Complex Systems: from the physical, biological, medical  
      domains through to social domains),

•    Computational Mathematics,
•    Mathematical Biology,
•    Dynamical Systems


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•    Dirac Delta Function and the Probability Distribution
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