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Dr. Arjuna Ranasinghe

Professor of Mathematics                                     
Office:  VMC 239
Phone:   256-372-4839

Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, 1991.
Minor: Mechanical Engineering
Department of Mathematics, The University of Alabama in Huntsville

M.S. (Summa Cum Laude) in Mathematics, 1986.
Minor: Computer Science
Department of Mathematics, North Carolina Central University

B.S. in Mathematics, 1983.
Minor: Physics
Department of Mathematics, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka.


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A.Biswas and A. Ranasinghe, “Topological 1-Soliton Solution of  Kadomtsev-Petviashvili Equation with Power Law Nonlinearity”, Applied Mathematics and Computation, Vol. 217, 2010, no. 4, pages 1771 - 1773 .

A.Ranasinghe and Thulsi Wickramasinghe, “Identification of the Solution of the Burgers Equation on a Finite Interval via the Solution of an Appropriate Stochastic Control Problem”, Advances in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Vol. 3, 2010, no. 1, pages 37 – 44.

A.Biswas, Essaid Zerrad and Arjuna  Ranasinghe, “Dynamics of  Solitons in Plasmas for the Complex KdV Equation with Power  Law  Nonlinearity, Applied Mathematics and Computation, Vol. 217, 2010, no. 4, pages 1491 - 1496.

Arjuna Ranasinghe and F. Majid, “Mathematical Model for Optimum Water Distribution in a Remote City with Water Tower”, Alabama Journal of Mathematics, Spring and Fall 2008, Vol. 32, No. 1 & 2, pages 39 – 44.

A. Ranasinghe and F. Majid, “Solution of Blasius Equation by Decomposition”, Journal of Applied Mathematical Sciences , Vol. 3, 2009, no. 13, pages 605 - 611.

F. Majid, and A. Ranasinghe, “Solution of the Burgers Equation Using an Implicit Linearizing Transformation”  Journal of Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulations, Vol. 14, 2009, pages 1861 - 1867.

Arjuna Ranasinghe, Fayequa Majid and Steven Hughes, “Schematics of Two Undergraduate Projects for Optimization of Supersonic Nozzle Shapes for Multiple Nozzle Systems Using the Tecplot Software”, AAMU Research Magazine, Spring 2010, pages 31 -32.

Arjuna Ranasinghe, “Development of BeeZip, New Model for Computer Network Security”, AAMU Research Magazine, Spring 2010, pages 6 -8.


NASA/Alabama Space Grant Consortium/ Alabama A & M University, $6000, Research Support for developing a computer code for “Modeling The Fluid Flow Through A Two Dimensional Rocket Nozzle”, May 2006.

NASA/Alabama Space Grant Consortium/ Research South Inc., $ 20,000, Research and Student Support for “Optimization of Supersonic Nozzle Shapes for Multiple Nozzle Systems”, October 2004.
NASA/Alabama Space Grant Consortium/ Eclipse Computer Solutions, $ 24,228, Research Support for developing a software package “Credit Repair Pro”, June 2004 – June 2005.

NASA/Alabama Space Grant Consortium/ Eclipse Computer Solutions, $ 24,635,  “Network Architecture Development Research Project and Support for AAMU and Calhoun College”, February 2003.

NASA/Alabama Space Grant Consortium/Eclipse Computer Solutions, $ 57,630  for “Undergraduate Student Research Support for Internet Stealth Simulation Project and Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations via Evaluating Taylor Coefficients”, February 2002. This project is written jointly with AAMU, Calhoun Community College and Oakwood College.

NASA/Alabama Space Grant Consortium/ InfoSurv, Inc. $ 28,096, for “Experiments in Database Design and Student Support for Undergraduate Mathematics Courses Utilizing Technology from InfoSurv”, July 2001. 

NASA/Alabama Space Grant Consortium/ COLSA Corporation $ 20,000, for “Undergraduate Student Support for Internet Based Course Development, Data Analysis for Flight/ Radar and BMC3 timing, and Wavelet Compression Techniques”, July 2000.