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Faculty Patents







Patent Number​




​US 6,999,221


​Bimorphic Polymeric Photomechanical Actuator

​Sarkisov et al

​US 7,456,942


​Dynamic Refractometer

​Curly et al

​IND152060 (International Classification HOllj39/26)


Improved Ion Implantation Machine for Use in Making Solid State Devices

M. D. Aggarwal et al

​IND 147229 (International Classification A61f 5/00 7/00)


An Automatic Flexible Electric Heating Pad

M. D. Aggarwal et al

​US 6873762


Fabrication of Fiber Optic Grating Apparatus and Method

Anup Sharma et al

​US 6,963,678


​Electro-Optical Transducer with Multi-Reflector Beam-Expanding and Collimating Input/Output Device

​Werkheiser et al

​US 6,833,961


​Pseudo Elliptically-Shaped Tool

Johnson, Ralph Barry et al

​US 6,795,250


​Lenticular Lens Array

Johnson, Ralph Barry et al

​US 6,741,395


Elliptically-Shaped Tool

Johnson, Ralph Barry et al

​US 6,625,376


​Fiber-optic Cable Terminal Connector and Alignment Device and Method

​Werkheiser et al

​US 6,600,855


​Reflection Suppression in Multiple-Reflector Collimation System

​Werkheiser et al

​US 5,910,659


Flat Panel Thermal Infrared Generator


Johnson, Ralp Barry et al


​US 4,820,929


​Dynamic Infrared Simulation Cell

​Modisette et al (Johnson, Ralph Barry)

​US 4,597,017


​Scanner System for X-ray Plate Readout

​US 4,419,692


High Speed Infrared Imaging System


Modisette et al (Johnson, Ralph Barry)

​US 3,813,552


​Image Rotation Device for an Infrared Scanning System or the Like

​Johnson, Ralph Barry et al

​US 3,631,248


​Target-Scanning Camera Comprising a Constant Temperature Source for Providing a Calibration Signal

​Johnson, Ralph Barry et al