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Tatiana Kukhtareva

Research Interests

Investigation of Photorefractive Crystals and Polymers, Single-Beam Holography, Optical Channeling by Periodic Structures, Optical Methods for Environmental Applications

Office: 104 Carter Hall
Phone:(256) 372-8118      
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Recent Publications
  1. Invited paper: N.Kukhtarev, T.Kukhtareva et al, "Holographic Recording in Polymeric Materials with Diffusional Amplification," Proceeding of SPIE, Vol.4459, 29-38, (2002)
  2. Invited paper N.Kukhtarev, T.Kukhtareva, V.Edwards L.Mager, A.Fort,, M.Robino I.Foldvari D. Frazier,B.Penn, H.Abdeldayem T. Hudson, "Volume And Surface Phase Holographic Gratings In The Photorefractive Crystals," in Photorefractive Material Conference , Budapest, Hugary, (2001)
  3. N.Kukhtarev, T,Kukhtareva, P.Buchhave (invited chapter 1) "Standard Photorerefractive Model" in book "Photorefractive materials and Applications" Academic Press (2000)
  4. Invited paper on SPIE Meeting : P. P. Banerjee, N. Kukhtarev,T. Kukhtareva, J. Jones and E. Ward "Identification of microorganisms through correlation in non-Bragg orders using photorefractive materials," San Diego, CA (2000)
  5. N.Kukhtarev, T.Kukhtareva, P.Banerjee, (invited paper) "A Unified Treatment of Radiation induced Photorefractive, Thermal, and Neutron Transmutation Gratings," Proceedings IEEE, November (1999)
  6. N.Kukhtarev, T.Kukhtareva, P.Banerjee, R.Jones, J.Wang, "Real-time Holography for Optical Processing Using Photorefractive Crystals," SPIE Proc. 3793, 90-102 (1999)
  7. S.Lyuksyutov, N.Kukhtarev, P.Buchhave, T.Kukhtareva, P.Banerjee, "Experimental Observation of Grating Contrast due to Photogalvanic Effect," Trends in Optics and Photonics, Vol. 27, Advances in Photorefractive Materials, Effects and Divices, 229-232 (1999)
  8. N.Kukhtarev, T.Kukhtareva, P.Buchhave, "Temperature Grating for termoelectric Power Conversion," Trends in Optics and Photonics, Vol. 27, Advances in Photorefractive Materials, Effects and Divices, 224-228 (1999)
  9. H.J.Caulfield, N.Kukhtarev, T.Kukhtareva, M.P.Schamschula, and P.Banerjee, "One-, two-, and three-beam optical chaos and self-organization effects in photorefractive materials," Mat. Res. Innovat 2(4), 194-199 (1999)
  10. N.Kukhtarev, S. Lyuksyutov, T.Kukhtareva, P.Buchhave, P.Banerjee, "Self-enhancement of Dynamic Gratings in Photogalvanic Crystals," Physical Review A. (1998)
  11. N.Kukhtarev, T.Kukhtareva, S.Lyuksyutov, P.Buchhave, "Anomalous diffusion in dynamic reflection grating recording in the photorefractive polymers," CLEO'98 Conference, San Francisco, (1998)