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Dr. J. C. Wang

Research Interests

Crystal Growth Theory and Modeling

Office: 144 V. M. Chambers Bld.
Phone:             (256) 372-8147      

Recent Publications
  1. "Electro-optical waveguide chemical sensor" Courtney Boykin, Michael Curley, Sergey S. Sarkisov, Jai-Ching Wang, SPIE Great Lakes Photonics Symposium, 12-16, 2006, Dayton Convention Center, Dayton, OH
  2. "Pyroelectric and photo-galvanic effects for generation of the focused electron beam, X-rays, photo-actuation and electric micro-propulsion" N. Kukhtarev, T. Kukhtarev, J. C. Wang, J. DBrownridge, T. Hudson,ISE Conference, Brazil, October, 2005.
  3. "Double Dynamic Holographic Interferometry in Infrared-NicOptical and Electrical Functions" Nickolar Kukhtarev, T. Kukhtarev, Phillip Land, Jai-Ching Wang, Todd Murray2. CLEO/QELS, Long Beach CA May 21-26, 2006.
  4. "New derivatives of cyclohexanone and piperidone compounds for bio-luminous sensing", Burl H. Peterson, Sergey S. Sarkisov, V. N. Nesterov Michael J. Curley, Paul A. Fleitz, Joseph W. Perry, M. Rumi, J-C Wang, Photonics West 2006
  5. "Light-driven polymer actuators", Sergey S Sarkisov, LaQuieta Huey, Michael Curley, Grigeory Adamovsky, Deborah Pekker, Jai-Ching Wang, OptomechAtomic Actuators and Manipulation, edited by Kee S Moon, Proc. Of SP{IE Vol 6048 , 604801, (2005)
  6. "Optical Channeling for Radial Holographic Grating Recording in Chalcogenide Glassy Semiconductors Films and Photo-themo-plastic-films" N. Kukhtarev, T. Kukhtareva, V. Rotaru, V. Edwards, P. Buchhave, J. Wang, S. Bairavarasu, SPIE proceedings, Vol. 5912, p591209, 1, 2005.
  7. "Generation of focused electron beam and X-rays by the doped LiNbO3 crystals" M. Bayssie, J. D. Brownridge, N. Kukhtarev, T. Kukhtarev, J. C. Wang, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B 241 (2005) 913-916.
  8. "Smart photogalvanic running-grating interferometer", N.V.Kukhtarev, T.Kukhtareva, M.E.Edwards, J.Jones,J.Wang,S.F.Lyuksyutov, and M.A.Reagan, V. 97, 054301-1, 2005, This paper has been selected to be published in Special Biophysical issue.
  9. "Optical Trapping Using a moving Interference Pattern for Decontamination, Cleaning and separation of Liquid Solutions," N.V.Kukhtarev, T.Kukhtareva, V.Edwards, J.Jones, J.Wang, S.F.Lyuksyutov, accepted for publishing in International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
  10. "The generation of focused electron beam by pyroelectric and photogalvanic crystals," N. Kukhtarev, T. Kukhtareva, M. Bayssie, and J.Wang, J. D. Brownridge, Journal Applied Physics Vol. 96, No.11, 2004