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The Freshman Academy​​


Welcome to the Freshman Academy

The Mission of the Freshman Academy is to provide freshman and freshman transfer students with the Academic Support Services necessary to successfully transition into post-secondary studies and to persist towards graduation, by ensuring that they have a solid foundation in academic responsibility and college preparedness.

          1. Ensure matriculation from one class level to the next through

          appropriate academic advisement and course placement  

     2.   Improve academic pursuits through the use of tutorial assistance.
        3.  Enhance social engagement through interactions with faculty, 
         staff and peer mentors.
   ​   4. Will assist students with 31 or more credit hours with 
          academic/financial aid probationary matters.
This unit provides academic support (Academic Advising and Support Services) to first-time freshmen, continuing, and transfer students.




Academic Advising

Tutorial Assistance Network

Service and Learning Communities & Volunteerism​





Honors Center, Dr. Kyla Pitcher, Interim Director

(256) 372-5859 (Office) (256) 372-5651 (Fax)

TRiO, Ms. Pam Thompson, Director
(256) 372-5660 (Office) (256) 372-5663 (Fax)


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Contact Information

Administrative Assistant:
Ms. Deborah Peppers
Councill Hall 232
P: 256.372.5750
F: 256.372.5755
 Mailing Address
Alabama A&M University
The Freshman Academy 
Post Office Box 427
Normal, Alabama 35762