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Welcome to University College

The mission of University College is to build the foundation for optimal learning essential to first-time freshmen and transfer students.  University College serves as the portal of entry for all new students, assists in orienting the students to the university and its policies through a formal class, and provides academic support services to help students succeed in their educational pursuits.  The general objectives are:


  1. To assist pre-college and currently enrolled students in acquiring the skills and competencies necessary for success in college;

  2. To assist freshmen, and other students who have not officially declared majors, in a systematic progression through the freshman core curriculum by providing a comprehensive and effective advising system;

  3. To provide a caring and nurturing environment where relevant skills and competencies, collegiate adjustments, career goals, and educational plans commensurate with students intellectual abilities and interests are actualized.


Academic support offered in University College is provided by the Office of Retention and Persistence (Academic Advising  and Academic Support Services),  the Honors Center, and TRiO/Student Support Services.


Office of Retention and Persistence, Dr. Constance R. Adams,  Executive Director

(256) 372-4427 (Office) (256) 372-5648 (Fax)


Academic Advising 

Tutorial Assistance Network

Changing Lanes Mentoring Program

Honors Center, Dr. Kyla Pitcher, Interim Director

(256) 372-5859 (Office) (256) 372-5651 (Fax)

TRiO, Ms. Pam Thompson, Director
(256) 372-5660 (Office) (256) 372-5663 (Fax)
Student Support Services, Upward Bound


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Contact Information


Dr. Juarine Stewart

 Interim Dean
Campus Location
Thomas Hall
P: 256.372.5750
F: 256.372.5755
 Mailing Address
Alabama A&M University
Office of the Dean
Post Office Box 427
Normal, Alabama 35762