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Student Publications

The AAMU Student Publications Board provides the oversight, administrative coordination, and support of publishing operations of two editorially independent student publications of Alabama A&M University. One is a monthly newspaper and another is an annual yearbook. This program functions to promote the University community through production of quality student publications and to provide journalistic, photographic, graphic design, advertising, marketing, communications, and co-curricular leadership experience for the development of interested students.

The content of each publication is student-oriented and should represent the student body in the most positive of manners.


The Amuite Yearbook is an annual student publication showcasing the academic calendar year at Alabama A&M University. The purpose of the yearbook is simply to capture and provide memories that can be looked back upon in the years to come! The staff is student-led and organized and consists of an Editor-in-Chief, Associate Editor, Content Editors, Photographers, and many other volunteers.

The Maroon and White is the official newsletter. The editor is an appointed official who appoints interested students who apply to work as a staff member on an assigned section of the publication.

The Bulldog Times Magazine is a monthly student-based publication given to the students and alumni of AAMU via a digital and print capacity. There are reserved spaces within each publication for advertisement for student, alumni, and community organizations to take advantage of.