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Guidelines for Conducting Membership Intake Process

The purpose of this document is to provide the National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) of the Alabama A&M University Greek Community, chapter Advisors, and prospective members with a source of information regarding the Membership Intake Process (MIP). Chapter Members, Chapter Advisors and the Office of Student Activities will work together to ensure a successful and positive experience for all involved. In order for the Office of Student Activities to assist chapters with MIP and avoid potential problems, chapters must adhere to the following guidelines if they are to conduct intake at AAMU:

Meetings and Documentation

  1. Prior to any intake activities, at least one chapter member, preferably the chapter president or intake director will meet with the Director and/or Program Coordinator for Student Activities. To schedule an appointment, please email Mrs. Diann Greer at and Mr. Gary Edwards at At this meeting the chapter will submit/provide:
    1. All NPHC and RSO must follow the guidelines outlined in the Membership Intake Flowchart.
    2. (4) letters requesting permission to participate in the Membership Intake Process (MIP) for the spring semester:
      1. Letter of approval from National Headquarters, Regional Office, or District Office.
      2. Letter of approval from the respective organizations sponsoring graduate chapter.
      3. Letter of approval from on-campus advisor(s).
      4. Letter of request from the respective chapter to participate in MIP.
    3. Anti-Hazing Compliance Form for current active members participating in MIP. (ALL ACTIVE MEMBERS OF THE ORGANIZATION MUST ATTEND THE ANTI-HAZING WORKSHOP)
    4. A calendar of events - should include a timetable of any intake activities with dates and times. Activities must be approved one week before they commence. Activities to include on the calendar, if applicable:
      1. Informational and/or interest meetings
        1. Two flyers/advertisements for interest/informational/rush/smoker meeting must be provided to the Office of Student Activities. The flyer must include time, date, location, dress code, and any additional expectations of aspirants. A flyer will be securely affixed to the Office of Student Activities window by the Director.
        2. The flyer must be posted for a period of no less than 5 days PRIOR to the meeting.
      2. Selection date(s)
      3. Start and end date of the Membership Intake Process (MIP), including initiation dates.
      4. Presentation of New Members (if applicable):
        1. Chapters must complete an online Student Activities Request Form
      5. The date of the New Member Presentation must be approved by the Director and/or the Program Coordinator for Student Activities.
      6. Any additional dates pertinent to a specific organization
  2. Verification of Prospective Members:
  1. All chapters conducting intake must submit a Grade Release Form (attached) and the New Member Anti-Hazing Compliance Form (attached). The Grade Release Form and compliance forms must be submitted immediately after the interest meeting, and prior to the start date of the official process of aspirants listed on the chapter’s intake calendar. These forms list the individuals approved by your chapter that will be submitted to your regional or national representatives as aspirants for membership. In cases where the National intake team conducts the intake process, all correspondence forwarded to any regional or local representatives should also be forwarded to the Director and/or Program Coordinator for Student Activities.
  2. Each prospective member must have been enrolled in the University as a full time student for two consecutive semesters prior to the intake process, excluding summer, and have a minimum cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.5.
  3. Prospective members must have at least 31 institution hours at Alabama A&M University before he or she can be recruited and inducted into a sorority/fraternity (Transfer hours not applicable).
  4. Prospective members must be fulltime (12 hours or more) students currently enrolled at Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University in campus based classes.
  5. Membership intake is only allowed for currently enrolled Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University students meeting the approved requirements.

All documents supplied to the Office of Student Activities and Leadership Development are kept confidential from students, student workers, and student leaders. They may be shared with university officials and national organization staff as needed. In the event that any dates and times need to be changed on the intake calendars of events, the chapter president or chapter member in charge of intake must notify the Director and/or Program Coordinator for Student Activities (in email) no less than 3 business days prior to the new event time.