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Violations of the intake process may result in probation or suspension. Whether the chapter will be placed on probation or receive automatic suspension is based upon the infractions and is at the discretion of the Vice President of Student Affairs, Director and/or Program Coordinator for Student Activities. Probation is noted by a period of scrutiny wherein if the chapter commits any violation of the intake process or any other rules set forth by the Office of Student Activities, the chapter will be placed on suspension. Suspension is noted by a period wherein all social and formal programming (this includes community service, all fundraising activities, and intake functions) is prohibited. The suspension period will be determined by the Director for Student Activities.

Violations include

  1. Intentional submission of improper paperwork (i.e., changing of dates on forms, falsifying original signatures, incomplete paper work, etc.)
  2. Holding membership intake without adhering to the Intake Guidelines set by the Office of Student Activities.
  3. Hazing: Any violations of the AAMU Hazing Policy will result in a referral to the Vice President of Student Affairs.
  4. Overt activity defined as any activity related to intake conducted in defiance of previous guidelines or warnings by chapter advisors.
  5. Failure to adhere to Presentation of New Member Guidelines (as included in this packet).