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Expectations for NPHC Undergraduate Chapters

NPHC operations

  1. The Office of Student Activities and Leadership Development will oversee the operations of NPHC. The Director for Student Activities will serve as the advisor and the Program Coordinator will serve as the co-advisor for NPHC.
  2. The Office of Student Activities will oversee the budget for NPHC. NPHC are required to provide the Office of Student Activities a monthly expenditures report.
  3. NPHC must provide an updated RSO packet by May 1st of each spring semester (i.e. member roster, calendar of events, etc.)
  4. NPHC are required to participate in annual events and programs, without the deliberation of voting at NPHC meetings.

NPHC organizations are required to attend and participate in the following events:

  1. Speaking Engagement Series:
    1. MLK Symposium
    2. Black History Month Program
      1. The Beyond Normal Lecture Series
      2. Women’s Week: “Tea on The Hill” (for women)
      3. A.L.E Initiative Summit (for men)
      4. Any other speaking events deemed by the Office of Student Activities

        Attendance Verification: Organization members must sign the Attendance Verification Form at the conclusion of each event.

        Dress Code: We anticipate leadership presentation by our student leadership on the campus of AAMU; therefore, organization members must be dressed business professional or business casual at all speaker series.

  2. University events:

    1. AAMU Open House
    2. High School Visitation
    3. Move-In Day
    4. Any other events deemed by the Office of Student Activities
  3. Student Activities events:
    1. Thanksgiving Day Basket
    2. Angel Tree Project
    3. Any other events deemed by the Office of Student Activities
  4. Community Service:
    1. NPHC organizations must complete a total of 250 documented community services hours each academic year (hours must be documented by Monica Clarke, Service Learning Coordinator.
    2. Organizations must conduct a monthly community service project.