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The purpose of the Alabama Association of Educational Opportunity Program Personnel (AAEOPP) is to bring together into a work and study community those persons who have an active interest in or who are professionally involved in broadening accessibility to and success in formal postsecondary education. Major foci will be those elements which prepare and condition students for postsecondary educational experiences and institutional responses to the challenge of serving more diverse student populations.


  1. Engage in the specific and general coordination of efforts with other organizations and persons having purposes supportive of or in harmony with Association concerns;
  2. Promote research, evaluation, programmatic and fiscal planning, and training;
  3. Develop the capability to make timely and meaningful responses to issues and concerns affecting the educational resources and environment of non-traditional students; and
  4. Encourage the development and expansion of a communications network primarily for those persons professionally involved in educational opportunity programs.


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