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Emergency Information & Procedures

This page details information pertaining to emergencies on campus.

Emergency Numbers

AAMU Department of Public Safety (256) 372-5555
Bulldog Escort Safety Team (B.E.S.T.) (256) 372-5555
Huntsville Police Department (256) 722-7100
Madison County Sheriff's Department (256) 532-3412
Alabama State Troopers (256) 533-4202
Huntsville Hospital (256) 265-1000
Department of Student Affairs (256) 372-8165
AAMU Counseling & Health Services (256) 372-5601
Crisis Services of North Alabama (256) 716-1000
Title IX Coordinator (256) 372-5835
Judicial Affairs (256) 372-5616
Department of Public Safety (alternate) (256) 746-1686

Bulldog Alerts

Once you have signed up for the Bulldog alert, you may receive communication in the form of one or more of the following:

  • Text message notification
  • Email with instructions
  • Telephone Call
  • Or a combination of the three (Depending upon selected means of communication)

*We recommend everyone sign up for this service.

More info about Bulldog Alerts.

Photo of emergency blue-light telephoneEmergency Blue-Light Telephones

Also, Alabama A&M University has strategically placed emergency blue light telephones systems around the campus. They are equipped with emergency speaker phones, and are topped with an emergency strobe blue light. If you are threatened or require any type of police assistance quickly, just push the emergency button to be connected with the Alabama A&M University Police Dispatcher.


  1. Look for an emergency blue light telephone.
  2. In the event of an emergency, press the red button (no dialing required). A strobe light will flash. You will be connected to the A&M Police Department. The emergency blue light telephones have been placed throughout the campus. While you may never need this service, you should be aware of their locations around the campus.

Should you have further questions or concerns, please contact the A&M Police Department at (256) 372-5555 or (256) 372-5556

Lockdown Procedures

The following general guidelines will help you remember what to do in an emergency on campus that results in a Lockdown event. The most important aspect in a Lockdown event is to put effective barriers between you and the threat.

The actions taken in the initial minutes of an emergency are critical. Plan ahead, and know your options. If you become aware of an emergency before receiving an official alert, take action to make sure you are safe, and contact emergency responders by calling 911, or by calling the Alabama A&M University Police at (256) 372-5555 immediately.

What is a lockdown?

A lock-down will be used to protect building occupants in the case of an emergency. This requires residents of a building to stay sheltered where they are located once an emergency is identified or declared, unless there is a specific threat within the building that requires them to exit.

During a lock-down police and other emergency personnel would be responding to the emergency. AAMU has 24-hour police protection through our own Department of Public Safety. Our police officers are fully trained in the use of firearms and carry weapons at all times.

AAMU is also connected to a network of police and other emergency support via the Madison County Emergency Communications Center that allows police and other emergency personnel to coordinate their response across agencies. Their work will be much easier if they can know that members of the campus community are in a secure location with instructions to remain where they are.

All campus buildings will be locked to prevent entrance from the outside. Exit from the buildings will still be possible. Students and personnel should not exit the building unless the situation in the building requires escape. Exterior entrances of the buildings and office doors will be locked by facilities personnel, staff, or faculty who having access to door lock hardware or keys. AAMU Officers may not be available to assist in the locking of the buildings if an emergency exists on campus.

  • Students in residence halls must remain in their rooms with the door locked.
  • Staff will remain in their offices, or secure area, preferably without windows, with the door locked.
  • Faculty will move students to any lockable room in the building or remain in the classroom with the door barricaded if possible.

All students, faculty, and staff must remain in the building they are currently in until such time as the lock-down status is removed.

Access to campus by outside constituents may be denied during an emergency.

How will notification of a lockdown be made?

An emergency cell phone text message and phone call will be transmitted via the Blackboard Connect System to faculty, staff, and students, who have registered for emergency messages via Bulldog Alerts.

E-mail emergency alerts will be sent to students, faculty, and staff in their AAMU email accounts.
Police sirens will sound continuously if the threat allows such actions to be taken.

A Campus Alert message will appear as a banner on the top of the university’s main page.

Additionally, any campus television tuned to Channel 2 or 78 will broadcast the emergency information.

Notification of an “All-Clear” will be transmitted through previous mentioned communications methods.

REMEMBER: If you SEE something, SAY Something!