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  • Why give to United Way?

    United Way of Madison County is the ONLY non-profit organization that embodies 27 health and human service agencies with 35 programs working to improve the quality of life in our community by engaging people and organizations to advance education, income and health outcomes for all. 

    Every person involved and every dollar raised is another POSITIVE step for the entire Madison County area.

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  • How long is the campaign?

    November 7-21, 2019

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  • How do I give?

    Each of you will receive a pledge form that you can use to make your contribution in the form of:

    • Cash

    • Check (Payable to United Way of Madison County)

    • Payroll Deduction (1, 3, or 12 months)

    The pink copy of the form is your receipt

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  • Who do I give my pledge form to?

    Pledge forms should be given to your department coordinator

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  • What are the levels of giving?

    You are encouraged to give what you can, but Alabama A&M University will give special recognition to those who donate within the following levels:

    • Silver: $200 - $499

    • Gold: $500 - $999

    • Red Feather: $1,000 & above

    • 100% Departmental Participation
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  • Is payroll deduction available?

    Yes, payroll deduction is available and goes into effect January 2020

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  • Last year, I used ePledge.  Is it still available?

    No, United Way of Madison County has temporarily paused ePledge.  We ask that you submit your paper pledge forms to your coordinator or contact one of the United Way Steering Committee Members.

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