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Calendar Guidelines

The Alabama A&M University Public Events Calendar provides a consolidated listing of upcoming, university-sponsored events. Members of the campus community are encouraged to submit events for inclusion in the calendar. Please review the following for important usage information and guidelines.

  • Who may submit events to the calendar for approval?
    • You must be a member of the AAMU community (student, faculty, staff).
    • You must have an “” email address OR email address.
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  • How do I secure the location

    Before submitting your event using this online form​, please contact the location where the event is to be held to ensure availability of the facility – for your event date & time.

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  • What events may be posted?
    • ​Events include university-sponsored lectures, workshops, meetings, training programs, arts events, sporting events, social events, and academic deadlines. They may include on-campus events or selected off-campus events sponsored by an Alabama A&M University group.
    • Events must be of broad interest to the overall campus community, a large segment of the campus community (e.g., all faculty, staff or students) or the general public.
    • Events may be open to the general public, the AAMU community or a large segment of the Alabama A&M University community. Since the general public can view the calendar, all submissions should specify who can attend the event.
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  • What events may not be posted?
    • ​Events not sponsored by an Alabama A&M University group, whether on or off campus.
    • Personal events and solicitations
    • Events that are of interest to only a narrow audience (example: internal departmental meeting)
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  • How do I submit events to the calendar?

    Events must be submitted at least one week in advance. Complete the online submission form to submit events to the calendar administrator for approval.

    The calendar administrator may decline a submission request if:

    • The event does not conform to the guidelines above.
    • The submission form is not properly completed.
    • The requestor does not provide a valid “” e-mail address and contact telephone number.
    • ​The request includes inappropriate or offensive content, including profanity; references to illegal activities; defamatory or harassing language aimed at an individual or group; etc.
    • Other reasons at the discretion of the calendar administrator

    Once the administrator reviews and approves the submission, the event will be posted on the calendar.

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For questions or additional information, contact the public events calendar administrator.

Unit administrators

Unit administrators will get an email when an event is requested to be posted to the calendar under one of the event categories listed in the table below.

Event Category Unit/Calendar Administrator
Academic Calendar Freddie Gambles
Alumni Calendar Sandra Stubbs
Career Services Michael Radden
Faculty/Staff Events Freddie Gambles
Graduate Studies Charlotte Canady
Office of Information Technology Services Cynthia Allen
Other Public / General Events Jerome SaintJones
Student Activities Jasmine Buxton
Wellness Center Brittany Morton