September 13, 2019, 12:00 PM - 01:30 PM
LRC Room 309

CETL Presents:  Embracing Cultural Diversity With A Growth Mindset

In this webinar, participants will make the connection between Dr. Carol S. Dweck's theory concepts of Growth Mindset as a way of fulfilling potential. The presenter will provide examples of growth vs. fixed mindsets as a tool to embrace diverse cultural perspectives, inspiring creativity and driving innovation in higher education.

Participants will learn to acknowledge how gratitude can have a strong influence on one's overall outlook. In Higher Education, this translates as developing cultural awareness and leadership skills. Deciding to walk toward growth is the first step in embracing the road ahead and seeing challenges as opportunities for growth, not problems. We all have students that have fixed mindsets. We try to encourage positive behavior to set students up for success, but sometimes cultural differences, personal issues and financial stressors block students from seeing opportunities for growth. It is our job as educators and mentors to set an example with all our students, especially those that are unaware of how a growth mindset can be beneficial. This is a challenge as social media does not always support positive thinking. Therefore, as educators, how can we help? And, is it possible that we unintentionally play a role in our student's fixed mindset? 



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