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Student Judicial Process Flow

Student Judicial Process FlowchartAn incident occurs and is documented by Public Safety, Residential Life, Faculty and/or Staff; the Incident is then forwarded to the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs (AVP), who will review the incident.

If it is determined there was not a violation of the Student Code of Conduct, then the case is dismissed. If an alleged violation is identified, then a Judicial Notification Letter is sent to the student/organization.

Once the student/organization responds to the Judicial Notification Letter, then the AVP for Student Affairs or designee reviews the judicial process with the student/organization.

After reviewing the judicial process with the student/organization, they are scheduled a hearing date and time with either the Conduct Board (formal hearing) or with the Conduct Officer / Judicial Clerk (informal hearing)

After the hearing is held, a decision is made

  • If found not responsible, then the charge(s) against the student/organization will be dismissed.
  • If found responsible, then sanctions (consequences) are determined for the

Once sanctions are determined, a decision letter is sent to the student/organization and they can complete the sanctions. Or, they can submit an appeal to the Vice President for Student Affairs who will either uphold the sanctions given or overturn the decision.

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