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Enterprise Rental Vehicles

March 15, 2018

Enterprise Rental Vehicles

TO: All Departments
FROM: Tim Thornton, Director of Purchasing
DATE: March 15, 2018

Alabama A&M University (AAMU) in its partnership with Enterprise through the E&I Cooperative Agreement offers vehicle rentals for employee business travel. Alabama A&M University employees should adhere to the following procedures when renting vehicles. While this correspondence specifically references Enterprise, the guidelines apply to all rental agencies.

  1. Alabama A&M University’s Purchasing Department is the only party authorized to reserve vehicles for business travel, which protects travelers from reserving rental vehicles on their own with the risk of selecting non-reimbursable options. When the Purchasing Department reserves vehicles on behalf of University travelers, damage waiver and liability insurance are included in the rental.
  2. Departments cannot bypass the Purchasing Department and request vehicles on Alabama A&M University’s account.
  3. Departments must contact the Buyer within the Purchasing Department who arranges travel for a quotation to be used in creating a requisition for the vehicle rental. (Refer to the AAMU Purchasing webpage to identify the Buyer serving in this capacity.)
  4. Once the requisition has been approved, the Buyer will issue the purchase order, reserve the rental vehicle online, and provide the department with an email statement of reservation confirmation.
  5. Departments should provide the Buyer at least three (3) days prior notice of need for a rental vehicle.
  6. Departments are not allowed to upgrade their vehicle rentals from the standard vehicle offering as reflected on the purchase order. The following options are generally not allowed. Please refer to the AAMU Travel Procedure.
    1. Sirius XM Radio, GPS, and other non-standard features
    2. Optional insurances i.e. Roadside Assistance, Personal Accident, Personal Effects, etc., and refueling
    3. The traveler may be required to reimburse the University for any expenses incurred as a result of deviating from the Travel Procedure.