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Bid Awards Archive (Nov 2015 - May 2018)

Bid Number Due Date Project Description Result Winner Winning Bid File
2k18-17B May 10, 2018 Football Team Transportation Awarded Spirit Coach 2k18-17b
2k18-16B May 9, 2018 MMW Band Bus Transportation Awarded Kingsmen Coach Lines Avail. to view in ofc.
2k18-15B Mar. 29, 2018 Radio Automation System No Award    
2k18-14B Mar. 2, 2018 Track Team Bus Transport Pending Birmingham Charter Service 2k18-14b
2k18-13B Mar. 22, 2018 Promotional Products Awarded Multiple Winners Avail. to view in ofc.
2k18-12B Feb. 22, 2018 Agricultural Supplies Awarded Madison County Cooperative 2k18-12b
2k18-11B Feb. 14, 2018 Maint. of BES Research Equipmt. Awarded EnviroTech HVAC 2k18-11b
2k18-10B Mar. 6, 2018 15-Passenger Van No Award    
2k18-09B Feb. 15, 2018 Web-based Event Ticketing Sys. Awarded University Tickets 2k18-09b
2k18-08B Jan. 18, 2018 Baseball/Softball Teams Transport Awarded Camelot Charters & Tours 2k18-08b
2k18-07B Jan. 11, 2018 NewTek Tricaster TC1 Awarded Amitrace 2k18-07b
2k18-06B Jan. 16, 2018 Professional Laundry Svcs. Pending Sneed's Cleaners LLC 2k18-06b
2k18-05B Dec. 12, 2017 Atomic Layer Deposition System Awarded Kurt J. Lesker Company 2k18-05b
2k18-04B Jan. 31, 2018 Faculty/Staff Compensation Study Awarded The Segal Co. / dba Sibson Avail. to view in ofc.
2k18-03B Oct. 31, 2017 Basketball Teams Bus Transp. Awarded Cline Tours 2k18-03b
2k18-01B Oct. 20, 2017 Basketball Teams Bus Transp. Awarded Spirit Coach 2k18-01b
2k17-14B Oct. 2, 2017 MMW Band Bus Transport Awarded Kingsmen Coach Lines 2k17-14b
2k17-13B Aug. 10, 2017 Office Paper Awarded Athens Paper 2k17-13b
2k17-12B July 27, 2017 Graphic Design Services Awarded Currie Sys., Dreamworkx, Ross 2k17-12b
2k17-11B July 24, 2017 Rental Supplies for Events Awarded Elite Event / Mullins Special 2k17-11b
2k17-10B July 17, 2017 Embroidered & Printed Apparel Awarded Currie Sys., 4imprint, BSN 2k17-10b
2k17-09B June 28, 2017 Ford Passenger Wagon Awarded Stivers Ford Lincoln 2k17-09b
2k17-08B June 20, 2017 Promotional Products Awarded Geiger Bros / JR Enterprises 2k17-08b
2k17-07B June 20, 2017 Women's Soccer/VBall Bus Transp. Awarded Camelot Charters & Tours 2k17-07b
2k17-06B June 14, 2017 Football Team Bus Transportation Awarded Spirit Coach 2k17-06b
2k17-05B June 14, 2017 MMW Band Bus Transportation Awarded Bus Bank 2k17-05b
2k17-04B May 31, 2017 Two (2) Police Dodge Chargers No Award   2k17-04b
2k17-03B May 3, 2017 Yearbook Awarded Walsworth Yearbooks 2k17-03b
2k17-T-AG-01B March 24, 2017 Agricultural Inputs & Fencing Mat'l Awarded Madison County Cooperative 2k17-T-AG-01b
2k17-T-ATH-1B March 9, 2017 MMW Band Drums Awarded Taylor Music 2k17-T-ATH-1b
2k17-01B Oct. 19, 2016 M&W BB Team Bus Travel Awarded Spirit Coach  
2k16-17B Oct. 21, 2016 2017 Large Suburban vehicle No Resp    
2k16-16B Sept. 30, 2016 Two (2) Trailers Awarded Johnston RV Center 2k16-16b
2k16-15B Sept. 27, 2016 Heavy Duty Transit Bus Awarded Creative/National Bus Sales 2k16-15b
2k16-14B Rebid August 2, 2016 AAMU Passenger Van Purchase Awarded Woody Anderson Ford 2k16-14b Rebid
2k16-13B July 21st, 2016 MMW Band Instruments (2) Awarded Washington Music 2k16-13b
2k16-12B July 7th, 2016 Metal Detector Equipment Awarded Shelsky Metal Detectors 2k16-12b
2k16-11B Rebid July 26th, 2016 AAMU Coach Bus Purchase Awarded CH Bus Sales 2k16-11b Rebid
2k16-11B June 29, 2016 BTS Bus Purchase Rebid    
2k16-10B June 23, 2016 Pine Tree Pruning No Award    
2k16-09B June 20, 2016 MMW Band Instruments Awarded Gadsden Music 2k16-09b
2k16-08B June 21, 2016 AAMU Football Air Travel Awarded Air Charter, Inc 2k16-08b
2k16-07B June 21, 2016 AAMU Football Bus Travel Awarded Spirit Coach 2k16-07b
2k16-06B June 29, 2016 MMW Band Bus Travel Awarded Kingsmen Bus Charter 2k16-06b
2k16-05B May 13, 2016 University Vehicles Awarded Landers McClarty Dodge 2k16-05b
2k16-04B May 13, 2016 Travel Trailer Awarded Johnston RV Center 2k16-04b
2k16-03B March 16, 2016 Fertilizer, Seeds, Chemicals Awarded Madison County Cooperative 2k16-03b
2k16-02B Feb. 19, 2016 Transportation Planning & Svcs Awarded Spirit Coach 2k16-02b
2k16-01B Jan. 12, 2016 Paper Awarded Athens Paper 2k16-01b
2k15-18B Nov. 6th, 2015 Imaging Services No Award    
2k15-17B Nov. 3rd, 2015 AAMU Basketball Bus Travel Awarded Cline Tours, Spirit Coach 2k15-17b

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