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Print and Mail Services Guide

January 31, 2019

Print and Mail Services Guide

TO: All Departments
FROM: Tim Thornton, Director of Purchasing
DATE: January 31, 2019

Alabama A&M University is proud to announce its partnership with United Parcel Service Inc., Bono Enterprises LLC dba The UPS Store, The Pitney Bowes Reserve Account, and Konica Minolta Business Solutions for the delivery of campus print and mail services. The following summary provides a guide of the responsibilities of each department in obtaining each vendor’s services.

United Parcel Service Inc. (A00508542)

  • All University packages should be shipped by United Parcel Service Inc. Departments should no longer use any previously assigned FedEx shipping accounts. Through UPS’ partnership with E&I Cooperative Services, Alabama A&M University will attain the most competitive rates for shipping services while realizing savings and rebates on net spend.
  • Each employee with a Job Title of Administrative Assistant, Secretary, or Coordinator will have online access to UPS CampusShip, an online portal where UPS package labels can be generated and printed on behalf of the department he or she supports.
    • Additional requests for access to UPS CampusShip should be emailed to Each individual requiring access should provide his or her first & last name, email address, and fund & organization allocation of the FOAP accounting distribution where shipments will be charged.
    • When creating a shipment in UPS CampusShip, the system requires the end user to select his or her Packaging Type under “What Are You Shipping?.” Of the Packaging Type options available, “Other Packaging” is the only option offering Ground and Air Transportation. All other options are only for Air Transportation. “Other Packaging” refers to the end user providing his or her own container or packaging.
      • If an end user selects “Other Packaging,” CampusShip will require the user to provide the package’s dimensions. When doing so, one must round the dimensions to the next closest inch.
    • Under “How Would You Like To Ship?,” please be sure to select the service best suited to your needs while considering that the faster the delivery time, the more expensive the shipment will likely be. The Service dropdown offers selections ordered from the fastest to the slowest ship time.
      • Please be a prudent fiduciary steward of the University’s funds by selecting the most cost effective shipment method that meets your basic needs. In order to promote fiscal responsibility, the Purchasing Department has limited shipping service options for small packages to Next Day Air, 2nd Day Air, and Ground. The Purchasing Department will make additional shipping service options available upon request.
  • Each department must create an encumbrance to United Parcel Service Inc. (A00508542) in an arbitrary sum to cover the cost of any UPS shipments within the fiscal year. Every time an end user creates an online shipping label, UPS CampusShip will require that the encumbrance number and the FOAP be provided.
  • If an individual is shipping a package at a UPS Distribution Center or a UPS Store location remote from Alabama A&M University, one should still ship through his or her department’s established UPS account. UPS will require that the Account No. 525VX1, encumbrance number, fund, and organization be provided.
  • Reimbursement for shipments will generally not be granted.
  • Please use the accompanying UPS CampusShip User Guide to assist you in the process. If questions remain, you may contact Tim Thornton, Director of Purchasing, at x8211 or

Bono Enterprises LLC dba The UPS Store (A00511006)

  • Bono Enterprises LLC is responsible for the daily delivery and pick-up of USPS mail.
  • Bono Enterprises LLC also picks up UPS packages ready for shipment.
  • Departments must create requisitions to procure the printing services of and shipping supplies from Bono Enterprises LLC (A00511006). Print requests should be emailed to In the near future, a web portal will be available for faculty and staff to submit print requests.
  • Call x7135 for Print Shop
  • Call x7136 for Mail Center
  • Staff at The UPS Store:
    • Paige Kote: Graphic Design Artist and Print Manager
    • Larry Abernathy: Mail Room Manager
    • Kaleka Jones: Mail Room Associate
    • Marcus Cease: Mail Room Associate
    • Marissa Edwards: Mail Room Associate
  • Faculty, staff, and students will enjoy a 20% Discount on all services and supplies available at The UPS Store.

The Pitney Bowes Reserve Account (A00359545)

  • Each department must create an encumbrance to The Pitney Bowes Reserve Account (A00359545) in an arbitrary sum to cover the cost of USPS postage for metered letter mail within the fiscal year.

Konica Minolta Business Solutions (A00401525)

  • Users will not requisition the services of Konica Minolta.
  • The services of Konica Minolta’s equipment technician(s) can be acquired by calling the bizhub Customer Care Center at (800) 456-5664.