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Behaviors that Warrant a Report

As a member of the Alabama A&M University community, you may identify concerning behaviors that can affect a person's mental, physical, academic-intellectual and/or workplace well-being, in addition to behaviors that pose a safety risk to the individual or the campus community.

You may feel more in control of situations that may arise, and you may put yourself in a better position to be helpful if you are able to recognize and report behaviors that are disruptive or behaviors that could potentially lead to violence, while also providing sources of help for the individual.

These lists are intended to provide basic information only.

Behavior that Requires Immediate Assistance

Below are examples of behaviors that indicate IMMEDIATE threat and require immediate assistance:

      • Carrying or displaying a weapon
      • Acts or threats of harm (verbal or written) to individuals or property
      • Suicidal threats or attempts
      • Self-harming behaviors like cutting or burning
      • Intimidating behaviors, including inappropriate touching, harassment or stalking
      • Disruptive behavior such as yelling or screaming uncontrollably, aggression or hostility
      • Any words or conduct that cause fear for safety

Get to a safe area first. Once safe, call Public Safety at 256.372.5555.  After the emergency situation has been handled, complete a BIT Report. Upon receipt of the report, appropriate follow-up will be initiated by BIT.