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Incoming S.T.E.M.

and Undecided majors!


Let AAMUTeach help pay for your Orientation Class.

  • Enroll in ORI 103T instead of ORI 101.
  • Earn a C or higher.
  • Receive $250

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What is the difference between ORI 103T and ORI 101?

ORI 103T

This course assists new students who want to explore teaching careers in making a satisfactory adjustment to the collegiate environment. General collegiate skills are introduced within the specific context of the teaching profession

In addition to orienting students to life at AAMU, this course helps students become familiar with lesson plan development by writing, teaching, and observing lessons in an elementary school class. While students build and practice inquiry-based lesson design skills, they also become familiar with and practice classroom management in the elementary school setting. As a result of these class experiences, students are able to decide to continue to explore teaching as a career by registering for ORI 104T and, ultimately, the remainder of the AAMUTeach curriculum leading to teacher certification.

This course satisfies the mandatory Orientation requirement with no obligation to declare a concentration in education.


ORI 101

This course assists new students in making a satisfactory adjustment to the collegiate environment. Topics include, but are not limited to, the history of AAMU, academic policies and procedures, study skills, test- taking strategies, time management, money management, health & wellness, safety, email, letter writing, telephone etiquette, student life, and other relevant information.

Entering freshmen and transfer students who enter AAMU with fewer than 31 semester credit hours are required to register for this course which is mandatory for graduation.

ORI 103T Sections

  • Section 1: Monday 9:00-9:50    CRN 72366
  • Section 2: Thursday 9:00-9:50    CRN 72367
  • Section 3: Tuesday 9:00-9:50    CRN 72368

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What is AAMUTeach? 

  • A degree program that allows you to earn your full STEM degree and your secondary teaching certificate in 4 years. 
  • A strong support system—academic, social, and financial—that prepares you for success both during the program and after you graduate. 
  • An opportunity to pass on your love of math and science to future generations. 
  • One of 56 universities—only four HBCUs—in the UTeach nation-wide network. 

One degree

Male and female scientist conducting chemistry experiment.

two career paths

Black male teacher helping student
Black woman teaching a child

AAMUTeach is an undergraduate degree program specially designed to allow students to graduate with their full STEM degree and a secondary teaching certification in just four years. Modeled after the pioneering UTeach program at the University of Texas, AAMUTeach draws upon a $2 million grant to support our students academically, socially, and financially.  

  • AAMUTeach students will have their own designated advisor, mentor teachers, and academic support group to help them through their coursework.  
  • AAMUTeach students will become part of a tight-knit cohort of like-minded peers who connect both professionally and socially.  
  • Finally, AAMUTeach offers financial support in the form of stipends and scholarships to help pay for tuition, textbooks, exam fees, and even transportation costs during student teaching. 

AAMUTeach Alabama A and M University