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Learning Communities


The First Year Learning Community is an excellent way to make the most of your year at Alabama A&M University. Students enrolled in a Learning Community will be enrolled in some shared courses and assigned an academic advisor/mentor. First-Year Learning Communities are designed to help first year college students connect to peers with common interests, have an easier transition from high school to college, and help guide students’ path for their future.

Each learning community includes First Year Seminar and two general education courses that a cohort of 35 freshmen take together. Each community is supported by academic advisors/mentor and academic coordinators.

In addition to communities, students will receive support from different resources on campus and participate in activities and events created exclusively for your learning community. These activities range from panel discussions, networking events, luncheons with the deans or chairs of your academic program, to social events designed to strengthen the bonds within the learning community, to academic and career-oriented events and/or activities that will show first-year students what their chosen career path can do for their future and to connect them with professionals in the field. By sharing these important first-year experiences, you have a built-in support system to help you start college on the right path for you and have a great first year!

What is a Learning Community?

Learning Communities are groups of students with a shared academic interest, future career, and/or personal identity or interest. Members of a Learning Community:

  • learn together through at least one shared class to ensure you have support in the classroom and can achieve academic success
  • connect to other students, upper division peer mentors, and faculty and staff with shared interests
  • prepare for the future through exclusive academic, social and professional activities and event

Frequently Asked Questions