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Academic Support & Retention

Helping you grow as a student and as a person

From faculty to tutors, we are committed to helping you understand the material in your classes so you can move toward your degree with confidence.

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Meet Your Instructors

We’re the first people who will step up when you need help with classes.

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A Map to Your Future

Our full-time advisors can help you choose a major and understand its requirements.

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Determine Your Skills

Our Testing Center can help you match yourself to the right courses and programs.

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Challenge Yourself

Don’t be afraid to tackle tough subjects. If you need help, our tutors will be there.

Academic Support Contacts

Reach out to us, and we’ll guide you in the right direction.

Dr. Rose Etta Howard
Freshman Academy
(256) 372-4289
Mrs. Linda Skeete McClellan
Tutorial Assistance Network (TAN) 
(256) 372-5487
Dr. Selicia Kidd
Testing Services Center 
(256) 372-5653
Nathan Hulsey
AAMU Writing Center Director
(256) 372-8965