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Center for Forest Ecosystem Assessment

Center for Forest Ecosystem Assessment logoThe Center for Forest Ecosystem Assessment (CFEA) at Alabama A&M University in Huntsville, Alabama, is a Center of Research Excellence in Science and Technology (CREST), a National Science Foundation (NSF) program. NSF, through the CREST program, provides resources for minority-serving research institutions and acts as a catalyst for the development of education and research in ecology on the Cumberland Plateau.

A student conducts field research for the CFEA
A student conducts research in a forest for the CFEA

Our Mission

Our mission is four-tiered.

  1. To train students (both undergraduate and graduate levels), especially those underrepresented in the STEM fields, in a variety of ecology-based research;
  2. To conduct state-of-the-art research in forest and watershed ecosystems of the southern Cumberland Plateau region;
  3. To improve the infrastructure of our research facilities; and
  4. To contribute relevant data to policy and conservation management of the Cumberland Plateau’s natural resources.

National Science Foundation (NSF) logoAbout Us

This is a Center for Research Excellence in Science and Technology, funded through the National Science Foundatio​n​ (grant # 1036600). ​​

CFEA’s research mission emphasizes the inter- and trans-disciplinary synergies and the ecosystem complexities of forests. Focusing primarily (but not exclusively) on the Cumberland Plateau / Ridge-and-Valley of Alabama and Tennesee, we are investigating the complex ecosystem responses on multiple temporal scales from immediate response (short-term) to long-term, and spatial scale from an individual’s genetic make-up to landscape patterns and processes.

Contact Us

Center for Forest Ecosyste​m Assessment
Phone: 256-372-5950
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Carver Complex, Bonner Wing, Room 212-B
Yong Wang
Lisa Gardner​
Technical Manager and Coordinator