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Geospatial Research and Education Center

The Geospatial Research and Education Center (GREC) at Alabama A&M University creates, integrates, and disseminates knowledge in remote sensing, GIS, global positioning system (GPS), and spatial analyses, incorporating teaching, research, and outreach. 

GREC is funded through USDA-NIFA Capacity Building Grant and will continue to be involved in teaching and research in the areas of GIS, GPS, RS, and Expert Systems. GREC will utilize these technologies to focus on developing educational applications and research to improve natural resource management and training the next generation of scientists and managers. This will be accomplished by integrating high-tech computer facilities with expertise of the faculty and staff to evaluate complex problems and provide solutions for more effective natural resource management and teaching strategies. The Center will also serve as multidisciplinary center supporting spatial education research, and outreach activities related to the utilization of spatial and non-spatial digital data and tools for manipulation, analyzing and storing of these data sets to provide users with tools to manage natural and cultural features of the environment.