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Nomination Criteria

Nominations for induction in the Alabama A&M University Alumni Hall of Fame may be made by an individual or alumni chapter that meets the nomination guidelines. However, a chapter or individual may nominate only one person from a chapter or region in the same year 

All nominations must be submitted on the official “Alabama A&M University Alumni Hall of Fame Nomination Form.” Please make additional copies of the “official” Nomination Form, as needed.

Please complete the official “Alabama A&M University Alumni Hall of Fame Nomination Form” in its entirety. Consideration will only be given to nominees with completed forms. (NO EXCEPTIONS).

If additional space is needed to complete the Nomination Form, please type or print on separate page. (Please reference appropriate question.)

Separate nomination forms must be completed and submitted for nominees listed in more than one Category of Nomination. Nominees can be listed in only one Category of Nomination per form. The Alumni Hall of Fame Committee will make its recommendations based solely on information provided on the Nomination Form. Resumes ‘and biographical sketches can be submitted as supporting documentation but will not be considered as an official nomination.


  1. Must be a graduate of Alabama A&M University
  2. Achievements that have strengthened Alabama A&M University and advanced its purpose.
  3. Achievements that have enhanced the nominee’s reputation at a local, regional, national, or international level.
  4. Achievements in nominee’s field that benefited others at a regional, national or international level.
  5. Contributed to Alabama A&M University with a minimum lifetime donation of $5K by January 31, 2020.
  6. Nomination may be made posthumously


Nominees are presented every five (5) years for induction in the Alabama A&M University Alumni Hall of Fame. Outstanding individuals may be inducted from the following categories:

  • Arts/Entertainment
  • Business/Industry
  • Community Services
  • Education
  • Government/Law
  • Medicine
  • Science


Nominations should be online only:

Nominate an Alumni Today

Please note supporting documentation should be emailed to  Submissions without supporting documentation will not be accepted by the committee.


All nominations must be received by September 15, 2019.

*Please do not notify your nominee that he or she has been submitted for consideration as nomination is not a guarantee of election. 

Public announcements will be made prior to the induction ceremony in November.