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Vehicle Registration & Parking

Parking permits can be obtained at the Department of Public Safety (DPS). Faculty, students, and staff should complete the vehicle registration form in Self-Service Banner and return to the Public Safety office to obtain a parking permit. Visitors may also request a visitor parking permit at DPS.

University parking permits must be affixed to the lower left, driver's side of the windshield. Parking hangtags must be clearly displayed from the rearview mirror.

All vehicles parked on University property must display a valid University Permit or DPS issued Parking Pass. Vehicles that do not display a valid University Permit or DPS issued Parking Pass are improperly parked and will be ticketed and/or towed at the owner’s expense. All motor vehicle responsibility, issued tickets and assessed fines lie with the registered parking permit holder and or the driver/owner of the vehicle.

The following items are required to register vehicles with the Department of Public Safety:

  • Payment Verification (copy of class schedule or receipt from cashiers office)
  • Current Driver’s License
  • Current Insurance Papers
  • Vehicle Registration and Tag Receipt

Drivers are required to register vehicles prior to driving them on campus.

Vehicles may be registered at any time during the semester. Once registered the permit remains valid until August 31st of the current year.

Students, Faculty and Staff must register vehicles annually at the beginning of each FALL SEMESTER with DPS.



Visitors may obtain parking passes by visiting the Security Information Station (SIS) gate located off of Chase Rd, between the School of Business and Morrison Fine Arts building or the main Public Safety Office located in the University Services building across from Foster Complex. Parking passes should be placed on the dashboard of the vehicle in clear view.

Departments hosting workshops & conference shall notify DPS, in writing, via email at, two weeks prior to the event, to request parking accommodation.

Visitors may park in designated Visitor parking spaces or available non-numbered, Non-Reserved parking spaces.


Faculty, students, and staff may obtain temporary parking passes from the DPS office located across from Foster Complex. Temporary parking passes may be issued to individuals who have current university parking permit and/or maintain a valid driver’s license and current vehicle insurance. Permits may be issued for a specific number of days, but shall not exceed fourteen (14) days.


All parking on the campus of Alabama A&M University is color-coordinated. Curbs and sign are colored to match the permits issued.

Orange Curbs - Commuter Students
Green Curbs - Boarding Students (includes white Knight Complex Permits and Normal Hills)
Maroon Curbs - Faculty & Staff
White Curbs - Visitor parking


Areas of parking with maroon curbs and/or reserved numbers are enforced from 7:00a.m. - 5:00p.m., Monday - Friday, at administrative buildings.

Reserved & Non-Numbered Reserved parking at Residential Halls is enforced 24/7.


Commuter Parking Areas: Patton Hall, Morrison Hall, Bond Engineering Building, T.R. Parker, Elmore Gym, and Stadium Area. Commuter students are required to park in designated parking areas. Boarding Students are prohibited from parking in commuter parking lots between the hours of 7:00a.m. - 5:00p.m.

Graduate Commuter Students will be permitted to parking in the lot between the School of Business and Dawson Building, or may park in commuter parking areas.

Boarding Students are required to park at their assigned residential hall. Commuter students are prohibited from parking at residential halls between the hours of 7:00a.m. - 5:00p.m.

Boarding Students are students that reside in University Housing, including Normal Hills.

Citation Appeal

DPS has a process to contest campus citations. An Appeal Form is submitted to the appeals committee for review and approval/denial. Appeal Forms can be found in the Public Safety lobby or submitted online using the below QR code. Campus citations are not eligible for appeal after 14 calendar days have elapsed and are considered noncontested.

Citation Appeal QR Code



As an alternative to parking citations, vehicle immobilizers can be used at the discretion of DPS. Payment for immobilizers can be made through the "PAY ONLINE" feature on the website, at the cashier's officer, or via money order. Payment must be made before an immobilizer is removed. Any damages to an immobilizer will result in additional fines/charges.

Boot Payment QR

Boot Payment QR Code

Refund for Non-Driving Bulldogs

All students that do not bring a vehicle on campus are eligible to receive a credit every semester for the vehicle registration fee. Students that qualify must fill out a Credit Affidavit form online through Laserfiche forms to receive the credit on their account. Credit Affidavits must be filed at the beginning of each semester. If a car is brought on campus after a Credit Affidavit has been filed, the registration fee must be paid at the cashier’s officer and the vehicle must be registered immediately.

Deadline for filing Credit Affidavits

  • Fall Semester September 15th
  • Spring Semester – February 15th

Credit Affidavit QR

Credit Affidavit QR Code