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Limited Submissions

WHAT are limited submissions?

Some solicitations limit the number of responses (proposals, preliminary proposals, applications, letters of intent, or nominations) that an eligible institution may submit to a particular program. These opportunities are called “limited submissions.” Internal competition procedures are established to select the candidates who will submit the limited number of applications to the funding agency.

Internal Limited Submission Pre-proposals will follow either:

  • A format prescribed by a specific solicitation (for example, a shortened version of a preliminary proposal identified in the solicitation)
  • A format that includes a cover sheet, project summary, goals and objectives, budget estimate, specific statement specifying who will provide the cost share and a brief biosketch/CV for the PI and each Co-I.

WHY does the university have a limited submission review process?

The purpose of the limited submission review process is to select the highest quality proposals that have the potential to advance the research and educational goals of AAMU. Applications or nominations submitted without institutional endorsement or submission of a number over the limit may result in an automatic rejection of all AAMU proposals for that competition.

Internal procedures provide the vehicle and format for potential applicants to describe their project in relation to the solicitation’s requirements, and allow internal reviewers to compare similar information to facilitate the selection.

An evaluation checklist will be provided to the review committee. The evaluations will be based on the following:

  • Does the project fit with AAMU’s strategic strengths or identified areas of interest?
  • Does the project fit the agency’s program objectives?
  • Does the internal pre-proposal follow the internal guidelines?

Limited submissions that involve only a single department or departments within a single college may be selected by the affected department chair/s and the dean.

Limited submissions that allow for only one proposal from the institution may be reviewed by a committee in consultation with the Provost/Vice President for Research.

For opportunities where AAMU is limited to a single response, an alternate pre-proposal will be identified to proceed if the PI of the first pre-proposal selected does not meet proposal schedules or is unable to submit.


  1. Complete the Notice of Intent to Submit form and indicate solicitation is a limited submission.
  2. Complete the Internal Limited Submission Pre-proposal and submit as instructed before the internal deadline.