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Radiation Safety Committee

The Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) is responsible for establishing policies governing the procurement, use, storage and disposal of radioactive materials and radiation-producing devices. The Committee includes individuals experienced in the use or application of radioactive materials and radiation devices and provides a peer review of these uses among researchers at the University. The Committee meets at least quarterly to review reports on the receipt and disposal of radioactive materials/radiation-producing devices, and to act on applications for authorization to use these sources.

Committee Members

  • Stephen Egarievwe, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Scientist (Chair)
  • Jorge Vizcarra, Ph.D., Professor, Scientist
  • Lawana Adcock, Ph.D., Adj. Faculty (UAH), Non Affiliated
  • Claudiu Muntele, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Scientist
  • Simon Ogutu, M.S., Research Associate, Scientist
  • Paul Okweye, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Scientist
  • Stylianos Fakas, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Scientist
  • Stephen Babalola, Ph.D., Research Professor, Scientist

For more information please contact the RSC Chair:
Dr. Stephen Egarievwe
Phone: 256-372-8952